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Created by “Houston’s Sweetheart” Warner Roberts and chosen by a select committee, The Social Book’s Houston Treasures™ award is bestowed upon individuals, couples, or families whose contributions to the Houston community over an extended period are especially remarkable. They represent the finest in philanthropy, volunteerism, medicine, education, cultural arts, business, media and public service. Only twelve or thirteen awards are presented each year and the honorees’ biographies and portraits by some of the city’s finest photography studios grace the calendar tab pages of The Social Book in printed form.

Treasurer NameYears Activehf:tax:years_active
The Honorable Annise Parker2020
Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch2022
Kelly Amen2022
Ashley and Dr. Peggy Smith2020
Bill Meek2020
David and Tara Wuthrich2020
Edna Meyer-Nelson2020
Jo and Jim Furr2020
June and Virgil Waggoner (In Memoriam)2004
Lauren Anderson2020
Linda McReynolds2004
Lucile B. Melcher (in memoriam)2004
Lynn Wyatt2004
Malcolm Morris2020
Margaret Alkek Williams and Margaret Alkek (in memoriam)2004
Monica Hartland2020
Nellie B. Connally (in memoriam)2004
Page Parkes2020
Pat Breen (In Memoriam)2004
Penny and John Butler2020
Yolanda Adams2020
Rose S. Cullen2001
Joan Schnitzer Levy2004
Ben F. Love (in memoriam)2004
Barbara Hurwitz2004
Barbara and President George H.W. Bush2004
Jack S. Blanton, Sr. (In Memoriam)2004
Trinidad Mendenhall2005
The Honorable James A. Baker III & Susan Baker2005
Richard J.V. (in memoriam) and Belle Johnson2005
M.D. (in memoriam)2005
Michael E. DeBakey, M.D. (in memoriam)2005
Mica & The Honorable Robert A. Mosbacher Sr. (in memoriam)2005
Lilly Andress2005
Joan Lyons (In Memoriam)2005
Joan and Stanford Alexander2005
Jeanie Kilroy2005
George and Annette Strake2005
Donna and Tony Vallone2005
Audrey & Reverend William A. Lawson2005
Denton A. Cooley M.D.2005
Philamena and Arthur Baird2006
Patsy Fourticq2006
Mary Ann McKeithan2006
Jan Ellis Duncan and Dan Duncan (in memoriam)2006
James and Maureen Hackett2006
Jackie Martin2006
I.W. Marks (in memoriam)2006
Gigi Huang2006
Cynthia and J.D. “Bucky” Allshouse2006
Cora Sue and Harry Mach Jr.2006
Andy Delery2006
The Honorable Bob Lanier and Elyse Lanier2007
Linda Lorelle2007
Judi McGee Holmes and Jack Holmes2007
Joyce and The Honorable Arthur Schechter2007
Ginni and Richard Mithoff2007
Frank Young2007
Dorace Allais2007
Don and Sidney Faust2007
Dave Ward2007
Carolyn Farb2007
Betty and Jess Tutor2007
Becca Cason Thrash2007
Tony and Mary Gracely2008
Shelby Hodge2008
Jr. and Dr. Yvonne Cormier2008
Rufus Cormier2008
Mimi and Robert Del Grande with Tessa2008
Mickey Rosmarin2008
Marvin Zindler (in memoriam)2008
Martha Turner (In Memoriam)2008
Laura Ward2008
Joann Crassas2008
Francie Willis2008
Dr. Ralph Feigin (in memoriam)2008
Craig and Patty Biggio2008
Ann and John Bookout, III2007
Ron Stone (in memoriam)2009
Patty Hubbard2009
Melanie Lawson2009
Lester and Sue Smith2009
Joanne King Herring2009
Jan Carson2009
Fred Zeidman2009
E. J. “Jodie” and Maryann Hoffer2009
Dr. James and Nancy Willerson2009
Don D. Jordan2009
Diane Gendel2009
Ann Baum Sakowitz (in memoriam)2009
Mary K, Kelli and Vincent Kickerillo2009
Warner Roberts creator of Houston Treasures2010
Rudy and Debbie Festari2010
Nancy Dinerstein2010
Liz Jameson Leila Gilbert and Ann Berry2010
Kappy Muenzer2010
Jim Kastleman and Holly Moore Kastleman2010
Frann Gordon Lichtenstein, Jill Lichtenstein Deutser and Aileen Gordon (In Memoriam)2010
Evin Thayer2010
Barbara and Corbin J. Robertson Jr.2010
Anne and Dr. John Mendelsohn2010
Anita and Gerald Smith2010
Kimberly and Frank DeLape2011
Linda Lyons Ewing2011
John and Bobbie Nau2011
Janice and Bob McNair2011
Gracie and Bob Cavnar2011
Ernie Manouse2011
Dr. John S. Stehlin Jr2011
Denise and Philip Bahr2011
Debra and Mark Grierson2011
Deborah Duncan2011
Connie Reeves Cooke2011
Carol Sawyer2011
Bobby & Phoebe Tudor2011
Walter Kase2012
Phyllis Williams2012
Paul Somerville2012
Marilyn Oshman2012
Franci and Jim Crane2012
Fran Fawcett Peterson2012
Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein and Martin Fein2012
Darryl Murchison2012
Beth Madison2012
Barbara and Ulyesse LeGrange2012
Barbara and Gerald Hines2012
Diane and H. John Riley, Jr.2012
Dr. James H. “Red” Duke, Jr.2012
The Honorable William E. “Bill” King2013
Rosemary Schatzman2013
Sharon Michael Owens2013
Rose Carrabba2013
Penny and Paul Loyd2013
Richard Flowers2013
Molly and James Crownover2013
Nancy Levicki2013
Lucinda and Javier Loya2013
James and Kathryn Ketelsen2013
Ellie Francisco2013
Danielle Ellis2013
Bob Devlin2013
Vanessa Sendukas2014
The Honorable Bill White & Andrea White2014
Shara Fryer2014
Nino Shbeeb2014
Mike & Carolyn Mann2014
Michael & Melissa Mithoff2014
Michael & Lisa Holthouse2014
Jana & Scotty Arnoldy2014
Dr. Richard Wainerdi2014
Barbara Jordan2014
Alicia Smith2014
Scott & Judy Nyquist2016
Alan Helfman2019
Anne Carl2019
Carolyn Faulk2019
Ed McMahon2019
Gina Gaston Elie2019
Honorable Ed Emmett & Gwen Emmett2019
Jim McIngvale2019
Stuart Yudofsky, M.D.2019
Susan Arnoldy Hansen2019
Tena & Tyson Faust2019
Wallis & DeeDee Marsh2019
Zina Garrison2019
Cyndy Garza Roberts2018
David Adickes2018
David G. Poplack, M.D.2018
Frank Billingsley2018
Gayla Gardner2018
Harry “Butch” & Carmen Mach, III2018
Henry J.N. “Kitch” Taub and Marcy Taub Wessel2018
Leticia & Steve Trauber2018
Marie Bosarge2018
Rachel Regan2018
Susan Sarofim2018
Virginia Steppe *2018
Brad & Joanna Marks2017
Cal & Hannah McNair2017
Charles Fraser, Jr. M.D.2017
Cleverley Stone2017
Gregory Boyd2017
Jane-Page Crump2017
Ken & Mady Kades2017
Millette & Haag Sherman2017
Pamela Wright2017
Patrick Summers2017
Sybil Roos2017
Winell Herron2017
Betty Hrncir2016
Donna* & Robert Bruni2016
Fran Fauntleroy2016
Joella & Steve Mach2016
Kim Moody2016
Lily & Charles Foster2016
Nancy Gordon2016
Pam Lockard & Ron Sterlekar2016
Terri & John Havens2016
The Honorable Mark (In Memoriam) and Linda Gale White2016
Welcome & Joanne Wilson2016
Scott & Soraya McClelland2014
Cathy & Giorgio Borlenghi2015
Ed Wulfe2015
Franelle Rogers2015
Helen Shaffer2015
Julia Anderson Frankel2015
Kristi & John D. Schiller, Jr.2015
Merele Yarborough2015
O. Howard “Bud” Frazier, M.D.2015
Patrick & Greggory Burk2015
Paul-David Van Atta2015
Rudy Avelar *2015
Sue Trammell Whitfield2015

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