Chairperson Yearbook

Chairperson Yearbook sponsored by Haute Pets Mobile Grooming Salon

The Chairperson Yearbook, sponsored by Haute Pets Mobile Grooming Salon, includes individuals who have agreed to “chair” a fundraising event on behalf of a charity or non-profit. Chairpersons plan, organize, solicit donations and attendance, hire vendors, and generally take responsibility for most details of producing successful events. Here is this year’s class of Chairpersons, whose listings include the event name, the beneficiary, and a photo.

ChairpersonYears Activehf:tax:years_active
Alicia Smith2021
Barbara Van Postman2021
Brad and Joanna Marks2021
Brigitte Kalai2023
Brigitte Kalai2021
Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein2022
Farida Abjani2023
Gina Gaston Elie2022
Hallie Vanderhider2022
Honorable William “Bill” King2023
Kristina Somerville2022
Laura Ward2022
Michael and Melissa Mithoff2022
Millette Sherman2022
Patti Murphy2021
Phyllis Williams2022
Roy and Aimee Marsh, 2010 2011
Tracy Dieterich2022
Samantha Kennedy2013
Sami Shbeeb, Scott Evans and Jeff Henry, 2013 2019
Sharon Michael Owens, , 2010 2011 2019
Sheridan Williams2013
Sidney Faust, , 2010 2011 2012
Sidney Faust and Cora Sue Mach2019
Soraya and Scott McClelland2019
Stephanie Perkins2013
Susan and Mike Plank2013
Susan Boggio, , 2010 2012 2019
Susan Krohn, 2010 2011
Susan Plank, 2010 2011
Tama Lundquist with son Cole2019
Tara and David Wuthrich2012
Tena Lundquist Faust, , 2010 2012 2019
The Honorable George and Annette Strake2011
The Honorable William E. “Bill” and Melissa King2011
Tilman Fertitta, 2013 2019
Tilman Fertitta and children, , 2011 2012 2013
Tom and Rachel Regan2012
Ty and Trish Whitcomb2013
Ursaline Hamilton, 2013 2019
Valerie Cook and Mary Elizabeth Sand2013
Vanessa Sendukas, , , 2010 2011 2012 2013
Virginia Reisman and Jan Carson2011
Nancy and Hans Strohmer2013
Nancy Marcus Golden and Diane Caplan2012
Nancy McGregor Manne2010
Pat Breen, 2012 2013
Patricia Sedwick and Virginia Warsman2011
Patti Murphy2011
Paul-David Van Atta2012
Penny and Paul Loyd2013
Philamena and Arthur Baird, , , 2010 2011 2012 2013
Phoebe Tudor, 2011 2012
Phyllis Williams, 2012 2019
Phyllis Williams and Connie Cooke2010
Rachel Brown2010
Randa Duncan Williams2011
Reggie and Leigh Smith2019
Robin Reimer, 2010 2011
Ron and Judy Girotto, 2010 2011
Rose Cullen, , 2010 2011 2013
Rosemary Schatzman, , , 2010 2011 2012 2013
Maria and Neil Bush2019
Richard and Ginni Mithoff, 2012 2013
Marilyn Denham2011
Marsha Braniff2013
Martha Turner2012
Martin and Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein, , 2010 2011 2012
Mary Ann McKeithan, 2012 2013
Mary Elizabeth Hahnfeld and Mark & Carla Russell2013
Mary Grace Gray and Walter Aymen2019
Megan Sutton Reed2013
Mehrnaz Gill2010
Melissa Edwards2013
Melissa Juneau2016
Melissa King, 2010 2012
Melissa Mithoff, , , 2010 2011 2012 2013
Merele Yarborough2010
Michael and Carol Linn, , 2013 2019 2021
Mike and Carolyn Mann2013
Monique Bossett2012
Monsour Taghdisi, 2012 2013
Mrs. Barbara Bush, , 2011 2012 2013
John and Bobbie Nau2012
John and Kristi Schiller2013
John Eads2011
Judi McGee2013
Judy Nyquist2012
Julia Frankel2011
Julie and David Brown2010
Julie Brown2011
Katie Cullen2011
Katie Earthman Cullen2010
Kelley and Stephen Lubanko2019
Kelli Cohen Fein, M.D.2013
Kim and Dan Tutcher, 2011 2012
Kim Moody and family2012
Kimberly DeLape, Deborah Duncan and Alicia Smith, 2011 2012
Kristi and John Schiller, 2010 2012
Kristi Schiller2010
LaTricia Sells2010
Laura and Rick Jaramillo2013
Laura Stein2013
Laura Ward, , , , 2010 2011 2012 2013 2019
Lauren Clark, Kristen Nix and Sheridan Williams2010
Lavonne Cox and Denis DeBakey2013
Leisa Holland-Nelson, 2010 2012
Leisa Holland-Nelson and Brian Gaubert2010
Leisa Holland-Nelson, Philamena Baird and Roxann Neumann2012
Lester and Sue Smith, 2011 2019
Lillie and J.P. Hutcheson2013
Lilly Andress2012
Linda Lorelle2013
Linda Lyons Brown2010
Linda McReynolds2011
Lindley Arnoldy and Jana Arnoldy2019
Lindsay Holstead, Courtney Hopson and Kirby McCool2019
Lisa Holthouse2010
Lu Caltigirone2013
Lucinda Loya, 2012 2013
Lynn Wyatt2012
Maggie and Rob Vermillion2013
Margaret Alkek Williams, 2011 2019
George DeMontrond2012
Gerald Smith2010
Gigi Harbison and Lauri Gordon2013
Gigi Wark and Karen Peltz2019
Hallie Vanderhider2019
Henry Richardson2013
J. Scott and Jana Arnoldy, , 2011 2012 2013
Jackson Hicks2012
Jan Carson, 2010 2013
Jana and John Scott Arnoldy2010
Jana Arnoldy, 2011 2013
Janine Iannarelli2010
Jeanie Kilroy, 2010 2011
Jesse B. Tutor2010
Jill and Mary Gracely2010
Jim and Jo Furr, , 2011 2012 2013
Jim McIngvale2019
Jo Lynn and Gregg Falgout2019
Joan Lyons2010
Joan Schnitzer Levy, , , 2010 2011 2012 2013
Cruz Avelar and Rudy Avelar2011
Cyndy Garza Roberts2019
Cynthia & Bucky Allshouse2013
Cynthia Petrello with daughter Carena2012
Danielle Ellis, , 2010 2011 2012
Danny and Suzanne Grant2012
Darci Vasquez, Kelsey Wright, Elaine Blalagia Croucher and Ashley Plaeger2019
Darryl Murchison2010
David and Mary Ann McKeithan2019
Deana Blackburn2010
Deborah Duncan2010
Debra and Mark Grierson2011
Denise and Philip Bahr2010
Diane Gendel2011
Don and Sidney Faust2010
Don D. Jordan2013
Donatella Benckenstein2010
Donna and Robert Bruni2013
Donna and Tony Vallone2010
Donna Bruni2012
Dr. John and Becca Cason Thrash, , 2010 2011 2012
Dr. John Thrash and Becca Cason Thrash2010
Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein2012
Dr. Scott Basinger, Judi McGee and Sidney Faust, , , 2010 2011 2012 2013
Dr. Sippi Khurana2019
Ed Smith2010
Edward Sanchez2011
Elizabeth Petersen, , 2010 2011 2012
Elizabeth Stein2013
Ellie Francisco, 2010 2011
Elsie and Lester Eckert2013
Elsie Eckert, Sidney Faust, Judi McGee and Dr. Scott Basinger2019
Errol McLaughlin and Sharon Aboussleman2010
Evelyn Leightman and Barbara Scott2012
Fran Fawcett Peterson2010
Francie Crane2013
Franelle Rogers, 2010 2011
Frank and Trini Mendenhall Sosa2012
Fred Zeidman and Jay Zeidman2013
Gabriela Dror, 2010 2011
Betty Puryear and Marilyn Denham2010
Bill and Carol Simmons2019
Bill and Melissa King2010
Bill and Stephanie Swingle2012
Bob Devlin, , 2010 2011 2012
Bobbie Nau2019
Bobby and Phoebe Tudor, , 2011 2012 2013
Brook and Julie Brookshire2019
Bryan Rosenstrauch, Barbara Davis and Heidi Schwarzwald2011
Butch Mach, 2010 2011
Carol C. Sawyer2013
Carolyn and Dr. Michael Mann2010
Charles and Lily Foster2012
Charlie Williams2010
Cheryl and Sam Byington2019
Cheryl Byington, 2010 2013
Connie and Clayton Cooke2011
Constance Charles, 2010 2011
Cora Sue and Harry Mach, , 2010 2011 2012
Corbin Robertson, Jr.2010
Alan Crain2011
Albert and Anne Chao2019
Alicia Smith2019
Amy Lee2010
Anita and Gerald Smith2012
Anita Webber Smith2010
Ann Bookout2010
Anne and Dr. John Mendelsohn2013
Anne Carl, 2010 2012
Anthony and Cynthia Petrello, 2011 2012
Barbara and Ulyesse LeGrange2011
Barbara Bush2010
Barbara Duganier with Michaela2010
Barbara Van Postman, 2010 2013
Beau Miller2010
Beth Madison2012
Beth McGarry and Carole McGarry2012
Beth Robertson, 2011 2012
Betty and Jess Tutor2010
Betty Hrncir2010
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