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Rose Carrabba


Photo by: Alexander’s Portraits

carrabba rose 1 Rose Marie “Rosie” Carrabba is a native Houstonian. She partnered with her husband, Johnny Carrabba Jr., for years as they ran their East end grocery store, Carrabba’s Friendly Grocery.

When her son, Johnny Carrabba III, opened his namesake restaurant, Carrabba’s, she became a constant face at the front door of the Voss location.

Rosie has always been a philanthropist at heart. Born into a large family with a mother who could stretch a dollar further than seemingly possible, she understands the importance of giving. “Giving back” to someone like Rosie Carrabba does not mean only choosing a charity of her choice. It means giving to her community and to causes close to her heart and close to the hearts of those she loves. Giving is part of her love language and an involuntary part of her character.

Rosie also has a daughter, Mary Louise Cruse and son-in-law Martin Cruse, and is the grandmother to Toni Louise Cruse, Johnny Carrabba IV, and Mia Rose Carrabba.

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