Honor Society

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Sponsored by Engel & Volkers Houston, the Honorary Chairpersons and Honorees of events are recognized as members of The Social Book's Honor Society. Here is this year's class of honorees, whose listings include the event name, the beneficiary and a photo by Gittings.

Honoree(s)Years Activehf:tax:years_active
Aileen B. Gordon2010
Alice Mosing2013
Alicia Smith2012
Andrea Turtur2012
Andy Delery2013
Ann Kaufman2013
Anne and Dr. John Mendelsohn2011
Arvia Few2013
Babs Veyna2012
Barbara and Corbin Robertson, Jr.2013
Barbara and Ulyesse LeGrange2011
Barbara Van Postman2012
Beth and Jess Moore2012
Beth Madison2011
Betty Tutor2012
Beverly Loftis2012
Bill and Carol Simmons2012
Bob and Jane Cizik2012
Bobby and Phoebe Tudor2012
Bobby and Phoebe Tudor2022
Bobby Tudor2019
Brenda Love2012
Brian and Kendall Wilbanks2019
Brian H. Teichman2010
Brian Teichman2011
Brittany Zucker2010
Carmer Maria Monteil-Lechin2010
Carol Sawyer2013
Caroline Kenney2011
Carolyn Faulk2012
Catherine Campbell Brock2010
Charles and Lily Foster2012
Charles Foster2011
Charlie Padgett2019
Cherry Whitley2012
Claire Cormier Thielke2019
Clarease Rankin Yates2012
Cora Sue Mach2013
Corbin Robertson, Jr.2010
D. Kent Anderson2011
Dan and Kim Tutcher2013
Dan and Susan Boggio2011
Dan Duncan (in memoriam)2010
Dan L. Duncan2011
Dan L. Duncan (in memorium)2012
Dan L. Duncan (posthumously)2013
Darlene Bisso2013
Debbie and Rudy Festari2010
Debbie Leighton2013
Debra and Mark Grierson2010
Deidra Fontaine2010
Diane Cain2012
Diane Gendel2013
Diane Mattly2012
Divya and Chris Brown2019
Don and Sidney Faust2011
Donna and Tony Vallone2012
Donna Bruni2011
Donna Vallone2010
Dr. Carolyn Farb2011
Dr. David Ott2019
Dr. Devinder and Gina Bhatia2019
Dr. Kelly Larkin2019
Dr. Mary Ann Reynolds Wilkins2012
Drayton McLane2011
Elaine Finger2011
Elizabeth Allen2013
Elizabeth Petersen2019
Elizabeth Stein2013
Enid and Edward Sanchez2011
Erin Spencer and Adrienne Harvey2013
Farida Abjani2019
Fran Fawcett Peterson2011
Frances Moody2019
Francie Willis2012
Franco Valobra2011
Frank and Kimberly DeLape2011
Frank Campisi2011
Frank DiMaria2012
Frank Sosa and Trini Mendenhall Sosa2010
Fred Burns2011
Gabriela Dror2012
Gary and Elizabeth Petersen2011
Gary and Elizabeth Peterson2013
Gary Petersen2021
Gayla Gardner2019
Gaynell Drexler2019
George Mitchell2012
Gigi Huang2013
Gina Gaston and Mario Elie2012
Ginni and Richard Mithoff2010
Gracie and Bob Cavnar2010
Gwendolyn Joekel2010
Hallie Vanderhider2019
Harriet Gertner2010
Helen Shaffer2010
Hershey Grace2011
Holcombe Crosswell2011
Holly and Austin Alvis2019
Honorable Adrian Garcia2010
Honorable Clarease Yates2010
J. Scott and Jana Arnoldy2012
J. Virgil Waggoner2011
Jacob Stein, Laura Stein and Alan & Elizabeth Stein2019
Jacqueline Baly Chaumette2011
James “Red” Duke, M.D2011
James “Red” Duke, M.D.2012
Jan Carson2010
Jan Duncan2011
Jan Ellis Duncan and Dan Duncan (in memoriam)2010
Jana Arnoldy2013
Jana Fant2013
Janice Hall2012
Jared Lang2011
Jeanie Kilroy2011
Jeff Grimillion2013
Jennifer and Ernest Sotuyo2019
Jerre Williams2019
Jesse Tutor2021
Jim Postl2022
Jo Lynn Falgout2019
Joan Dunlap2010
Joann Crassas2012
John and Karen Bradshaw2011
John and Kristi Schiller2011
John Butler, Jr.2022
John Mendelsohn, M.D.2012
John Mendensohn, M.D.2011
Judi McGee2019
Judy Nichols2012
Judy Nyquist2011
Julia Frankel2010
Julie Brown2010
Karson Ludwick2013
Katelyn Alo2011
Kathi Rovere2012
Kathryn Smith2010
Keith Mosing2022
Kelli Cohen Fein, M.D.2012
Ken McDonald2013
Kent Osborne, M.D.2021
Kim Moody2019
Kim Padgett2013
Kristen Cannon2010
Kristi Bradshaw2019
Kristi Schiller2011
Kristina Somerville2019
Larry Martin2010
Laura Spalding2010
Laura Ward2010
Lavonne Cox2011
Lavonne Cox and Dennis DeBakey2012
Leila Gilbert, Liz Jameson and Ann Berry2011
Leisa Holland-Nelson2011
Leisa Holland-Nelson Bowman, 2021 2022
Leslie Blanton2011
Lester and Sue Smith2012
Lester Smith2010
Leticia Loya2019
Leticia & Steve Trauber2019
Lilly Andress2010
Linda Lorelle2010
Linda Lyons Brown2012
Lindsay Love2011
Lindy and John Rydman2011
Lisa Richardson2011
Liz Markell2019
Liz Rigney2013
Lotty Gautschi2021
Marc Shapiro2011
Margaret Alkek Williams2010
Marilyn Demontrond2019
Martha Turner2010
Martha Turner and Glenn Bauguss2013
Martin & Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein2013
Martin Fein and Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein2011
Martin Fein & Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein2012
Mary Ann McKeithan2011
Mary Cullen2010
Mary Gracely2012
Meghan Cornelius and Brenton Southern2019
Meina Knox-Moriarty and Mike Moriarty2012
Melanie Gray and Mark Wawro2010
Melanie Johnson2012
Melissa Juneau2019
Melissa King2010
Melissa King and Fefe Malton2011
Melissa Mithoff2019
Meredith Johnson2013
Merele Yarborough2019
Michael and Carol Linn2019
Michael and Lisa Holthouse2013
Michael E. DeBakey, M.D. (in memoriam)2010
Michael E. DeBakey, M.D. (in memorium)2011
Michael E. DeBakey, M.D. (posthumously)2013
Mike Stude2011
Millette Sherman2012
Molly and Jim Crownover2019
Morgan Meynier
Nancy Dinerstein2011
Nick Altman2013
Nidika Mehta2013
Pamela Wright2011
Patti Murphy2010
Pattie Dale Tye2010
Peggy Barnett2011
Peter and Joanne Linden2011
Philamena Baird2011
Philip and Denise Bahr2013
Phyllis Knight Williams2011
Phyllis Williams2013
Pily Simón2011
Quinn Biggio2011
Rachel Regan2012
Ralph D. Feigin, M.D. (in memoriam)2010
Ralph Feigen, M.D. (posthumously)2013
Ralph Feigin, M.D. (in memorium)2011
Randa Duncan Williams2010
Randy and Kristi Wade2011
Randy and Kristie Wade2012
Richard and Jana Fant2019
Richard Flowers2019
Rini and Edward Ziegler2019
Robert and Donna Bruni2011
Robert Sakowitz2011
Robin Young-Ellis2012
Ron and Judy Girotto2012
Rose Cullen2011
Ruby and Debbie Festari2011
Rudy & Debbie Festari2013
Russ Allen2011
S. Shawn Stephens2011
Scott and Noel Wise2019
Scotty Arnoldy2021
Shelby Hodge2010
Sheridan Williams2012
Sidney Faust2013
Sneha Merchant2019
Sofia Adrogué2011
Stanley Appel, M.D.2022
Steve and Evelyn Quick2019
Sue and Lester Smith2010
Sue Trammell Whitfield2019
Susan Arnoldy Hansen2019
Susan Boggio2011
Susan Krohn2011
Susan Plank2012
Susie and Sanford Criner2010
Tena Ludquist Faust2011
Terry Brown2012
The Honorable Annise Parker2011
The Honorable Clarease Ranking Yates2011
The Honorable James and Susan Baker, III+2012
The Honorable William E. “Bill” and Melissa King2011
Thurman and Lilly Andress2010
Tom Barrow2011
Tom Barrow (posthumously)2013
Traci Lee2010
Virgil Waggoner2010
Wallis and DeeDee Marsh2019
Warner Roberts2010
Y. Ping Sun2012

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