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Terri & John Havens


Photo by: Gittings

havens terrijohnTerri and John Havens have channeled their success as business owners into support for the community. They each have a passion for growing businesses and are fully dedicated to all of the charities they support.

As the leader of Seismic Exchange, Inc. (SEI), John has grown the business to be the largest 2D and one of the largest 3D seismic data and marketing firms in North America. Terri and John have also acquired other businesses and are minority owners of the Houston Astros baseball team. As owners of Cal-a-Vie Health Spa and Vista Valley Country Club, located north of San Diego, the Havens pursue their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Cal-a-Vie’s award-winning wellness and fitness program has been voted the number-one “Destination Health Spa in North America” by Travel + Leisure.

The Havens put their heart into causes that are dear to them, as evidenced by their many philanthropic endeavors. Terri and John support numerous organizations that ensure access to healthcare, education, and culture. They have each received honors for their philanthropic efforts. John has been inducted into the LSU Hall of Distinction and Terri has been voted a Top Mom by the Easter Seals’ Greater Houston’s “Hats Off to Mothers” event. Together, they were voted one of the most outstanding couples in Houston by Inspire Women, were the 2012 Gala honorees and recipients of the Krist Samaritan Spirit Award, were the 2014 Houston Children’s Charity Gala honorees, and were the 2015 Houston Hospice Award honorees, among others.

John and Terri have found a perfect balance of success, both professionally and personally, coupled with an active household of three children, Prentiss, 17, Davis, 14, and Mallette, 13. Admitted Francophiles, John and Terri always find time for family, friends, travel, collecting antiques, and restoring historic homes.

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