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Craig and Patty Biggio


Photo by: Fulton Davenport

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Mainstays in the heart beat of the Houston charitable community, legendary Houston Astro, Craig Biggio and his wife Patty are dedicated to helping make the world a better place for children. Thirteen years ago the couple began the Houston Astros Sunshine Kids Foundation Baseball Party and Celebrity Golf Tournament. By 2006, over two million dollars has been raised to provide positive group activities and emotional support for young cancer patients. Committed to raising awareness of the organization, as well as urging teammates to become involved, Craig wore the Sunshine Kids pin, a small yellow sun, on his baseball cap as a national and local spokesperson, during interviews, photo shoots or spring training for most of his career. The couple donates energy, celebrity and resources to Sunshine Kids, but they feel that the most fulfilling of all their activities is the time spent visiting with the children in their homes and in the hospital.

In 1992, Patty co-founded the Houston Astros Wives Gala benefiting the Houston Area Womens’ Center for the prevention of abuse and domestic violence. She and Craig have taken leadership roles and supported the organization since its inception.

Both from New York, the Biggios have three children: sons, Conor, Caven and daughter, Quinn. Craig has spent his illustrious 20-year Houston Astros baseball career winning awards, shattering records and being with Patty and his children. In addition to supporting Craig, Patty has been involved in all the activities of the children: little League games and school projects. She has always been joined by Craig, whenever possible. They carve out precious time for their commitment to public service.

When the opportunity presents itself, Patty and Craig run three miles together at Rice University. Normally, Patty, a graduate of Seton Hall College of Nursing, BSN RN, is in the lead; she is an avid runner, marathoner and has run the New York marathon.

Next to their own children, the top priority for Patty and Craig is working for all the children at the Sunshine Kids Foundation.

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