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The Social Book publication and website are subscribed to and supported by key business executives, community-conscious socialites, members of the city’s social community, supporters and attendees of fundraising events, the medical institutions, and major corporations and professional firms.

Demographics: With a large support base of businesses, organizations, and individuals, our clients comprise:

  • 92% of the top 100 companies
  • 83% of the top 200 companies
  • a wide range of mid-size and family-owned businesses
  • earners of $75,000+ (100% of subscribers);
    • $100,000+ (30%);
    • $1,000,000+ (20%)

Impressions (Book & Website): Unlike magazines whose shelf-life is brief, most copies of The Social Book are consulted by multiple people, repeatedly and regularly throughout the year. A recent survey shows The Social Book can boast in excess of 10,000 impressions per month in print and over 50,000 impressions per month on the website.

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