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Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch


Photo by: Evin Thayer Studios

Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearchTim Miller is the Founder and Director of Texas EquuSearch Texas Mounted Search and Recovery Team providing search and recovery of lost and missing persons by volunteers on horseback. The team’s existence and purpose are dedicated to the memory of his 16-year-old daughter, Laura Miller, who was abducted and murdered in 1984, though it was an agonizing 17 months before she would be found. Today, Tim and Texas EquuSearch are internationally known for their exhaustive efforts to bring closure to as many families of missing persons as they possibly can.

Tim’s violently abusive upbringing and horrific tragedies into adulthood could have led him down a path of the criminals he encounters. While the owner of a successful construction company in Dickinson, Tim journeyed through self-destruction and plotting revenge on Laura’s killer, but he changed course when he was asked by the family of a missing young girl to help with her search. Family requests for searches for their missing loved ones kept coming. Tim knew how they felt and would soon understand the path that God had chosen for his life. In 2000 Tim founded Texas EquuSearch as a nonprofit organization of volunteers giving their all, supported by individual financial donors rather than corporate or government grants.

Over 20+ years and 2,000+ searches in 42 states and 11 countries, Texas EquuSearch has helped reunite 500+ missing persons with their families and recovered the remains of 250+ victims. Suspects in many crimes have been so disarmed by Tim’s warm demeanor that they have confessed and led Tim to the victims─cases that otherwise would have remained unsolved. Mr. Miller has taken the stand in several murder trials, and criminal prosecutions are aided by Texas EquuSearch’s meticulous evidence preservation protocols to facilitate bringing suspects to justice.

Texas EquuSearch is frequently featured on every national broadcast media network, and Tim’s multitude of honors include the FBI’s highest civilian award, a Point of Light from Pres. George H. W. Bush, and awards from City of Houston, Foundation for the Improvement of Justice, Texas and National Daughters of the American Revolution, and Crime Stoppers of Houston.

Tim continues as Search Coordinator on many active search cases today, and when not so immersed he enjoys racecar driving and working on construction projects for friends and family.

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