Chairperson Yearbook

Chairperson Yearbook sponsored by Haute Pets Mobile Grooming Salon

The Chairperson Yearbook, sponsored by Haute Pets Mobile Grooming Salon, includes individuals who have agreed to “chair” a fundraising event on behalf of a charity or non-profit. Chairpersons plan, organize, solicit donations and attendance, hire vendors, and generally take responsibility for most details of producing successful events. Here is this year’s class of Chairpersons, whose listings include the event name, the beneficiary, and a photo.

Darci Vasquez, Kelsey Wright, Elaine Blalagia Croucher and Ashley Plaeger

cbb chair official photo

Houston Chairperson(s) For



American Cancer Society


Cattle Baron’s Ball-“City Lights Bayou Nights”

Photo By:

Alexander’s Fine Portrait Design

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