Hilton Americas-Houston

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Hilton Americas-Houston

Contact Person : Matthew Finnan
Address : 1600 Lamar
Phone : 713.577.6054
Services : Hotels | Party Venues
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Hilton Americas-Houston


Whether you’re planning a fine dining experience for a small group or a large gala affair to fill the Ballroom, Hilton Americas–Houston has the luxurious space that will make your event the talk-of-the-town.

For smaller more intimate events, space options abound including the 24th floor Skyline Ballroom with its outstanding panoramic view of the glittering downtown cityscape, plus a variety of private rooms ideal for everything from business meetings to bridal teas.

For extraordinary gala affairs, the city’s two largest hotel ballrooms provide grand surroundings for up to 4,000 guests, plus spacious pre-function areas perfect for silent auctions. Hilton Americas-Houston Director of Catering Matthew Finnan, recipient of Hilton Worldwide’s Circle of Excellence in Catering award and the ISES award for Best Team Event, provides skilled expertise from initial planning to spectacular finish to always create the most memorable of events.
To book your next event-to-remember, call Matthew at 713-577-6054.

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