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Contact Person : Andrew Cordes
Address : 3637 W. Alabama, Suite 340, Houston, TX 77027
Phone : (713) 965-9301
Services : Photographers
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Gittings portraiture: celebrating more than 90 years

With a reputation of being the most prestigious portrait studio, the Gittings name is synonymous with quality. Since Paul Gittings founded the company 90 years ago, our specialty has been to catch special moments filled with energy and love.

In taking exquisite portraits, our goal is to create heirlooms in your home – to have your memories tastefully displayed so they can be enjoyed and talked about for generations to come. Our difference lies in our experience and our passion to create an environment that captures not just a picture, but captures the soul. We seize that special moment filled with joy and emotion, telling your life’s story for generations to come.

The style developed by Paul Gittings, Sr. is one of distinction, which we translate for bridal and maternity portraits to family, children and pet sessions. This style has also made us the studio of choice for executives around the world to create their portrait that is used within the halls of their corporations.

We also care about the communities we serve by giving back to several charities that are near and dear to our hearts. Some include the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, the SPCA, Shriners Hospital, the Komen Foundation, the Make a Wish Foundation, as well as several other local charities like the Dallas Opera and the Fort Worth Symphony. If you are interested in requesting a donation for a charitable event, please click here.

When you want to make memories last forever, you leave nothing to chance. Gittings is with you through the priceless milestones of your life, showing you and your loved ones at their very best in portraits that are lasting works of art.

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