Going Vegan!

Going Vegan!

The more we learn about food, the more we affirm there are many benefits to including as many vegetables in our diets as possible. Therefore, it is no surprise that many people are becoming either vegetarian or vegan. I think this can be a great idea and my staff and I regularly create diets for vegans and vegetarians. When we eliminate protein sources that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol and replace them with plant proteins that are high in all of the essential amino acids, we can create a wonderfully balanced and heart-healthy diet. However, many of my vegan diet clients find it hard to go out to eat with family and friends. That does not have to be the case. Here are some tips on how I tell my vegan diet clients to order food at any restaurant.

If you head to a Thai restaurant, order a delicious vegetable pad thai, vegetable cold rills, green mango salad, lemon grass soup, vegetable curries, and vegetable rice dishes. Just make sure you specify no egg, no fish sauce, and that the curry paste used is vegetarian. Japanese restaurants are simple too – order edamame, vegetable sushi rolls, vegetable tempura, miso soup, tofu, and noodle soups. Chinese restaurants can serve vegetable spring rolls, dumplings, soups, noodle dishes, and bean curd. Again, just kindly ask the server to hold the egg and fish sauce.

Even restaurants you thought couldn’t accommodate a vegan diet absolutely can. If you are at an Italian restaurant order the bruschetta, grilled artichokes, bean salads, olives, salads, pasta with marinara sauce, and vegetable pizzas with no cheese. Just make sure you tell them to hold on the Parmesan cheese.

French restaurants are tougher as they tend to use so much butter and cream in their recipes.

Try for vegetable soups, roasted veggie platters, and salads. Even ratatouille can be made to be vegan, Monsieur. Some American restaurants can create veggie burgers with French fries, justmake sure you hold off on the mayonnaise, cheese and eggs.

Mexican restaurants offer various options. Salsa, guacamole, tortilla chips, vegetable and bean burritos, rice, veggie tacos, veggie fajitas, and veggie chimichangas are all winners. Just tell them “no, por favor” on the cream, cheese, lard, and rice that isn’t made with chicken broth.

All in all, with a little kindness and gentle asking, any given restaurant can be made toaccommodate vegan diets. As my momma always said, “If you are nice, most people will be nice right back.” Eating vegan should never hold you back on your opportunities to enjoy a great meal with your family and friends.

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Randy Canche

Social Book Contributor

Randy Canche is a lawyer, CEO, Online Transformation Coach, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, fitness model, and nutrition and fitness blogger. His online coaching company, Concentric Consulting, LLC, services diet clients from all walks of life and from all over the world to achieve their fitness and health goals. His column, "Randy's Room", is intended to help Houstonians live healthier, happier and more fit lives, all while enjoying the wonderful culture that Houston has to offer. Randy can be reached at randycanche@yahoo.com or https://www.instagram.com/rc_ifbb/

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