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Warner’s World | February 2020

  • Sylvia Forsythe, Warner Roberts, Kim Moody, Alicia Smith (photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Trini Mendenhall, Sybil Roos, Deborah Duncan (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Liz Jameson, Leila Gilbert (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Monica Hartland, Warner Roberts, Sandra Burgess, Anne Richardson (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Phoebe Tudor, Stephanie Tsuru, Bobbie Nau, Gayla Gardner (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Margaret Wiliams, Betty Tutor, Honorable Joanne King Herring (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Sylvia Forsythe, Eric Buterbaugh (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Lynn Wyatt (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Donae Chramosta, Donna Vallone (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Betty Hrncir, Bruce Padilla (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Carol Sawyer, Margaret Williams, Trish Morille (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Kim Padgett, Mary Ann McKeithan (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Roseann Rogers, Phyllis Williams, Lara Bell (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Karina Barbieri, Cheryl Byington (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Angie Roberts, Warner Roberts (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Cheryl Byington, Honorable Joanne King Herring, Warner Roberts, Matt Brown (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Bobbie Nau, Deborah Duncan (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Beth Wolff, Honorable Joanne King Herring, Trini Mendenhall (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Scott Evans, Warner Roberts (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)
  • Fragrance from Eric Buterbaugh and sweets from Jillian & Co. (Photo by: Daniel Ortiz)

Photography: Daniel Ortiz
Event: Reception
Event Date: February 13, 2020
Location: Saks Fifth Avenue
Beneficiary: The Mission of Yahweh
Number of Attendees: 100+
Hostesses: Deborah Duncan, Sylvia Forsythe, Kim Moody, Warner Roberts and Alicia Smith
Honorees: Rose Cullen, Paige Fertitta, Joanne King Herring, Trini Mendenhall, Sybil Roos, Joan Schnitzer, Phoebe Tudor, Martha Turner, Margaret Williams and Lynn Wyatt
Sweet Treats: Jillian & Co.

houston sweethearts-a sweet idea celebrates its 10th anniversary of honoring sweethearts

The 10th anniversary of the Houston Sweetheart tea was celebrated at Saks Fifth Avenue this year and honored 10 Houston Sweetheart ICONS:  Rose Cullen, Paige Fertitta, Joanne King Herring, Trini Mendenhall, Sybil Roos, Joan Schnitzer, Phoebe Tudor, Martha Turner, Margaret Williams and Lynn Wyatt.  Hostesses Deborah Duncan, Sylvia Forsythe, Kim Moody, Warner Roberts and Alicia Smith welcomed just over 100 guests who lived up to the request on the invitation to dress for Valentine’s Day.   The event benefited The Mission of Yahweh homeless shelter for women and children.
Next to the honorees, the hit of the day was Eric Buterbaugh of EB Florals, the Los Angeles based lifestyle brand with focus on floral fragrances and candles.  These masterfully crafted scents are designed to relax or energize you depending on which fragrance you choose.
Guests who all seemed energized, wearing a variety of Valentine “looks” in red or pink were:  Bobbie Nau, Gracie Cavnar, Donae Chramosta, Lilly Andress, Gayla Gardner, Angie Roberts, Monica Hartland, Elsie Eckert, Trish Morille, Susan Osterberg, Leila Gilbert, Kim Padgett, Beth Wolff, Betty Hrncir, Kappy Muenzer, Janis Fleming, Sonia Soto, Roseann Rogers, Astrid Van Dyke, Anne Richardson, Carolyn Faulk, Chris Swanson, Scott Evans, Cheryl Byington, Amita Bhalia, Lotty Gautschi, Pam LockardCarol Sawyer, Chris Kase, Stephanie Tsuru, Susan Hansen, Franelle Rogers, Donna Vallone, Paul-David Van Atta, Marikay Evans, Mary Ann McKeithan, Betsy Garlinger, Joyce Pankonian, Tricia Oliver, Leela Krishnamurthy, Tammie Jeffers, Sarah Leftwich, Judy Nichols, Gloria Meszaros and Margaret Smith.
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Warner Roberts

Social Book Contributor

Warner Roberts' talent and creativity have led to her success in many careers: fashion model, award-winning television journalist, actress in theater and films, multi-millions fundraiser, interviewer, speaker, magazine writer, publisher, author, and most importantly wife, mother, and grandmother. Her decades of support and dedication to Houston charities is legendary as she produced the first March of Dimes Ball and later "Best Dressed, chaired the first Leukemia Gala, and raised the funds to build the first dormitory for The Mission of Yahweh homeless shelter which has helped countless women and children to rebuild their lives. Warner created The Social Book (nee Houston Calendar of Social Events) in 1996 and added The Social Book's Houston Treasures Award in 2003 to recognize the extraordinary Houstonians who make our city great. She lent her mantra to the title of her best-selling memoir, "Life is an Adventure!" (Photo: Debbie Porter)
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