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Three Decades of Success Net Kickstart Kids $825K at their Annual Boots & Black Belts Gala

Event Date:  May 13, 2023
Location:  Post Oak at Uptown
Event:  Gala
Beneficiary:  Kickstart Kids
No. in attendance:  450
Money Raised:  $825,000
Title Sponsor:  Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation
  Linda Lorelle
Décor, Florals, Linens and Audio/Visual:
  The Events Company
Photography:  David Shutts

Three Decades of Success Net Kickstart Kids $825K at their Annual Boots & Black Belts Gala

Kickstart Kids recently celebrated its 30th annual gala, and thanks to an American hero, a movie star, a country music legend, 450 excited guests, and more than 40 sponsors, including Title Sponsor Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation, over $825 thousand was raised to promote community, achievement, healthy lifestyles and the foundation of character for students.

Charity founder and event chairs Chuck and Gena Norris were on-hand to celebrate and honor WWII American Naval hero Rex King and wife MarillynKeith and Alice Mosing and the Patrick J. and Rose B. Patek Family (represented by Deborah Patek Durkin and Christopher Patek).

Former Channel 2 news anchor Linda Lorelle, along with radio station 93Q morning crew Andy RiggsKatelyn Maida and Erica Rico served as the evening’s emcees and welcomed the enthusiastic audience to the evening’s multi-layered delights, which included a sumptuous seated dinner, karate performances from Kickstart Kids across Texas, a “Paddles Up” appeal that netted a $50,000 matching gift from American Telecast Products, stunning décor from The Events Company and entertainment by country music star Rodney Atkins.

For thirty years, more than 110,000 students have benefited from Kickstart Kids’ one-of-a-kind life-changing program. This celebratory evening continued this organization’s excellence and memorialized their three decades of service to the community.

Socially present (not previously mentioned):  Greg and Gail Garland, Patrick Chen and Councilwoman Alice Chen, Willie and Linda Chiang, Bernie and Laura Warriner, Duke and C.C. Ensell, Mike and Laura King, Ed Jones, Stephanie Callihan, John and Elizabeth Gibson, Terry McCutcheon and Peter Houston, Glenn and Tania Beck, Ed McMahon and Hershey Grace, Anne Neeson, Craig Janies, Stewart Morris III and Haley Jo Williams, Jeremy and Vanessa Goebel, Andrew Pidgirsky, Mark and Tiffany Hughes, Peter Gunderson, and Jennifer Knesek, David and Jessica King Price, Andrew Pidgirsky, Heather and Dan Crowder, Maria and Mark Eilerman, TK and Randall Garret, Ashton and Dallas Garrison, Mike and Sara Wray, Courtney and Joel Meadows, and Michael and Suzanne Grishman

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