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“They Were Flying” at Houston Ballet Opening Night Onstage Dinner with “Peter Pan”

Event Date:  September 9, 2022
Location:  Wortham Theater Center
Event:  Gala
No. of Attendees:  200
Money Raised:  $210,000
Beneficiary:  Houston Ballet
Chairpersons:  Christine and David M. Underwood, Jr.
  Jean and Henry May
Décor:  Bergner and Johnson
Photography:  Wilson Parish

“They Were Flying” at Houston Ballet Opening Night Onstage Dinner with “Peter Pan”

“Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough.” Houston Ballet choreographer Trey McIntyre got his wish in handfuls of pixie dust as 200 patrons celebrated his childlike interpretation of Sir J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan,” with a performance followed by a seated dinner onstage at Wortham Theater Center.

The performance on Brown stage embodied spectacular flying sequences, swashbuckling sword fights, giant puppets and lively dance.

Once the magical performance ended, attendees were gathered in the Orchestra area for brief remarks by Executive Director Jim Nelson where he thanked chairpersons Christine and David M. Underwood, Jr. and honorees Jean and Henry May and announced that $210,000 was raised for the Ballet’s efforts. While this brief respite was ongoing, the stage was transformed in minutes and a raised red curtain announced its arrival. The stage was awash with beautiful lavender and blue décor and florals by Bergner and Johnson and guests dined on an elegant three-course dinner.

Everyone in attendance “lived an awfully big adventure” for several fun-filled hours! “Peter Pan” flies high through September 18th at Wortham Theater Center.

 Socially present (not previously mentioned):  Stanton Welch AM, Trey McIntyre and Drew Lewis Brown, Margaret Alkek Williams, Rose Cullen, Hallie Vanderhider, Phoebe and Bobby Tudor, Lynn Wyatt, Molly and Jim Crownover,  Richard Flowers and Angel Rios, Jo and Jim Furr, Jesse H. Jones II, Kristy and Christopher Bradshaw, Leigh and Reggie Smith, C.C. Conner, Stephanie and Frank Tsuru, Martha and Richard Finger, Laura and Brannon Robertson, Macey and Harry Reasoner, Kent and Shara Schaffer, Ann Bean, Susan and Gary Binney, Tammy and Wayne Nguyen, Gary V. Beauchamp and Marian Wilfert Beauchamp, Martha and Marvin McMurrey, Cabrina Owsley, Allison and Troy Thacker, Ann G. Trammell, Ileana and Michael Treviño, Melza and Ted Barr, Elise and Russell Joseph, Jennifer Laporte, Sara and James Parr and S. Shawn Stephens and James M. Jordan

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