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The Social Book’s Inaugural Reception at Steak 48 for “Chairman’s Yearbook” and “The Honor Society” Is Energetic and Lavish!

The Social Book’s Inaugural Reception at Steak 48 for “Chairman’s Yearbook” and “The Honor Society” Is Energetic and Lavish!

One hundred happy and excited guests gathered in the private upstairs room at renowned eatery Steak 48 to join The Social Book and celebrate those legendary citizens who lend their names and resources as Honorary Chairs and Honorees and those whose time and talents as Chairpersons allow their individual charitable endeavors to succeed. Between the lively discussions about their respective upcoming events (and those that had very recently passed), the spirits flowing from the full bar, and the sumptuous, elaborate and copious passed hors d’oeuvres, the energy and joy in the room was at a fever pitch!

Fundraising events from The Social Book’s subscribing non-profit organizations, which list their Honorary Chairs, Honorees and Chairpersons, provided the elite invite list. To the delight of all who attended, Steak 48’s Chief Brand Officer Oliver Badgio returned to town to lend his welcome.

Social Book vendors who are leaders in their respective fields showed up, as they always do, to lend their excellence, making the evening beautiful and unique. Flowers by Nino and its owner, Nino Shbeeb, created dramatic tablescapes for guests to enjoy. Four lucky winners took home a gorgeous floral arrangement designed with rare and colorful roses of many shades. Vicki Rizzo, owner of More Than You Can Imagine, graciously donated a beautiful set of crystal wine glasses and a vase to another lucky winner!

Elsie Eckert’s Elsie Smith Design created the modern and elegant invitation. Her design became the background for the flat-screen television, showcasing the many photos of those celebrated. The stylish Social Book video presentation was made possible thanks to Andy Cordes and prominent portrait studio Gittings.

Butterfly Effect Photobooth, a new and unique photo entertainment company, showcased its 7-foot interactive cellular phone and designer background, a perfect addition to the festivities. Its creator, Vilma Hernandez, also showcased a vintage rotary phone, enabling guests to leave us a voicemail about how much the event was appreciated. Everyone’s choice for a roving photographer was the always-smiling and debonair Daniel Ortiz, who snapped those in the crowd enjoying the lively atmosphere and rousing banter.

Guests were treated to delicious hand-decorated shortbread cookies from Jillian & Co., which many loaded up into their purses upon leaving!

As Houston has continually ranked annually in the top three or four cities with dollars raised over The Social Book’s 27-year tenure, and with over 300 major fundraising events and myriad smaller events held each year, those recognized at this gathering remain an integral part in the overall success of each altruistic effort and should be celebrated. As evidenced by this reception, it definitely promises to be an exciting and prosperous social season!

Socially present (not previously mentioned):   Warner Roberts, Oliver Badgio, Harry Winston’s Petra Martinez, Ann & Jonathan Ayre, Jacquie Baly & James Craig, Lara Bell, Dr. Alice & Dr. Matt Brams, Carson Brown, Zane Carruth, Andy Cordes, Elsie & Les Eckert, CC & Duke Ensell, Jeff Henry, Nino Shbeeb, Sami & Dr. Stephanie Shbeeb, Ellie & Mike Francisco, Elia Gabbanelli, George & Kelley Georgiades, Linda Lorelle & Lou Gregory, Jorge Guevara, Angela Hernandez, Richard Hester, Mary Patton, Leisa Holland-Nelson Bowman, Betty & John Hrncir, Christine Johnson, Ghada Ali, Tammie & Dr. Charles Johnson, Mady & Ken Kades, Hon. Bill & Cheryl King, Robin & Danny Klaes, Kirk Kveton & Daniel Irion, Sharron Melton, Jody Merritt, Edna Meyer-Nelson, Roslyn Bazzelle Mitchell, Roz Pactor, Leila Perrin, Sandra Porter, Vicki Rizzo, Heidi Rockecharlie, Jordan Seff, Vanessa Ames, Derrick Shore, Brandon Bourque, Leslie Siller, Leigh Smith, Cody Soutar, Elizabeth Stein, Chris Swanson, Sarah Tucker, Betty & Jess Tutor, Saula Valente, Beth Wolff, Cynthia Wolff, and Beth & Nick Zdeblick

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