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Style was Again Reflected at This Annual Million-Dollar Shopping Experience for Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary

Event Date:  April 11, 2023
Location:  River Oaks Country Club and World Market
Event:  Luncheon and Shopping
Beneficiary:  Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary
No. of Attendees:  500
Money Raised:  $1,100,000
Chairpersons:  Kristy Liedtke and Mary Maxey
The Chic Boutique Gold Co-Chairs:  Rhonda Jones and Pam Sengelmann
Chic Boutique Showroom Chairs:
  Mikki Donnelly and Maryann Gerity
  Ann and Hugh Roff
Photography:  Jenny Antill

Style was Again Reflected at This Annual Million-Dollar Shopping Experience for Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary

A sellout crowd was on-hand for Reflections on Style “Cirque du SAWA,” benefiting the programs of Salvation Army Women ‘s Auxiliary. The hot ticket for this annual four-day shopping extravaganza was the annual luncheon and fashion show and the first day of shopping, which sold out minutes after being announced. The packed ballroom at River Oaks Country Club was filled with 500 excited and anxious guests, who dined and enjoyed the runway program and then quickly adjoined to the dining room, where shopping commenced!

Weeks prior to the luncheon, notable Houston socialites combed through their highly-prized closets to select many sought-after gently or never-worn pieces of couture clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry, which they then donated and placed for sale to raise funds for the organization. The Chic Boutique at World Market displayed the few remaining unsold items, donated fashion pieces and household objects from Houston’s best stores.

“Hats and Gloves Off” to chairpersons Kristy Liedtke and Mary Maxey, and to The Chic Boutique Gold Co-Chairs Rhonda Jones and Pam Sengelmann and Chic Boutique Showroom Chairs Mikki Donnelly and Maryann Gerity. Recognized for their longtime service commitment and generosity were Ann and Hugh Roff, who were instrumental in funding Houston’s first emergency women’s shelter in 2011.

At the close of the four-day shopping event, more than $1.1 million was raised, and what began with 157 racks and displays, only three racks of merchandise were left. So, once again, the marriage of Substance and Style was Reflected in this consistently successful endeavor of raising money for this organization’s great works!

Socially present (not previously mentioned):  Lynn Wyatt, Linda McReynolds, Lilly Andress, Phoebe Tudor, Vicki West, Ann Bookout, Carol Sharpe, Darlene Clark, Allison Gemp, Maura Montgomery, Judy Tate, Tom Forney, Jenny Elkins, Stick DeLaup, Debra Laws, Lucy Lewis, Jane DiPaolo, Maggie Austin, Maureen Higdon, Judy Chong, Connie Wallace, Jane and Jim Wise and Jan Griesenbeck

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