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The World’s Unending Love for a Tortured Post-Impressionist Dutch Painter Culminates in a Breathtaking Digital Exhibition – “The Original Immersive van Gogh Exhibit Comes to Houston”

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The World’s Unending Love for a Tortured Post-Impressionist Dutch Painter Culminates in a Breathtaking Digital Exhibition – “The Original Immersive van Gogh Exhibit Comes to Houston”

Photos by Quy Tran Photography

Who could predict that more than 160 years ago, a boy was born to upper-middle-class Dutch parents and that this quiet, thoughtful and reflective child would grow up to become one of the most famous and influential figures in Western art history? If you haven’t guessed, I’m referring to Vincent van Gogh. What is even more unbelievable to fathom is that the art this genius created was basically all generated within the last decade of his life. This virtuoso’s renowned work of 2,100 pieces, including around 860 oil paintings, were mostly dated from the last two years of his life and these masterpieces are considered to be among the most expensive to have ever been sold. That’s pretty remarkable for an artist who sold only one painting in his entire life!

It’s no accident that the famed Italian cinematographer and composer duo, Massimiliano Siccardi and Luca Longobardi, chose this legend for which to create an unbelievable sensory experience. Spotlighted on the hit Netflix show Emily in Paris, their production harnesses 60,600 frames of captivating video totaling 90,000,000 pixels and 500,000+ cubic feet of projections, in order to bring the painter’s masterpieces to life. Selections of van Gogh’s tour de force represented in this dynamic digital presentation were The Potato Eaters (1885), Starry Night (1889), Sunflowers (1888), and The Bedroom (1889). Vincent van Gogh could also be considered a trendsetter, as dozens and dozens of self-portraits he drew and painted throughout his mid-twenties to mid-’30s are comparable to today’s millennials taking camera phone “selfies.” Several van Gogh “selfies” are included in this stunning visual and aural 35-minute presentation.

Amongst “Starry” skies, 200 of Houston’s glitterati amassed at a VIP gathering on Wednesday, October 13th to unveil this mind-altering exhibit to the Bayou City public. This Original Immersive van Gogh Exhibit has now sold over 3 million tickets nationwide, making it the most popular touring North American event. Making its Houston home at 1314 Brittmoore Rd., on the west side campus of The Founders District, just a stone’s throw from CITYCENTRE, the dazzling show was specifically built out of a massive warehouse and is slated to run through January 3rd. [Please do not confuse this visual spectacle with another van Gogh happening at the Marq-E Theatres.] They are not the same … AT ALL!

As VIP guests arrived, they were seamlessly transported into a sunflower-laden space designed by Elias Events, complete with Instagrammable opportunities, which included a vintage pickup in an undeniably van Gogh yellow and an oversized Texas State sunflower sign prominently placed within the lobby for guests to pose in front of upon exiting the exhibit.

Within short order of the VIP beginning, Council Member Amy Peck, along with Immersive Van Gogh Producers Diana Rayzman, Vito Iaia, Svetlana Dvoretsky, and Lawson Gow, Founder & President of The Cannon cut the ceremonial ribbon. Guests then entered through a mirrored portal, which Houston Creative Director Rowan Doyle created as an homage to Rothko Chapel. Once through the portal, sensory overload was inevitable as they entered into the massive performance space.

Vincent van Gogh, sometimes called the “Mad Artist,” led a very troubled later life, exacerbated by long bouts of depression that extended into fits of utter madness. This is also the time when most of his most treasured work was produced. He died by suicide at the young age of 37. The production team of this magnificent exhibition does justice to the memory and efforts of this tortured soul, whose work will continue to live on, but now can be treasured and experienced in a very different way.

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