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Nino Shbeeb-A Lifetime of Beauty … Inside and Out

Nino Shbeeb-A Lifetime of Beauty … Inside and Out!

Beauty has always surrounded Nino Shbeeb and been a strong force in his life, whether it came from being born in Lebanon to a well-known flower grower, or designing hair for celebrities and the elite in Los Angeles. God simply blessed this gentle soul with the Midas touch.

Having a floral farm that distributed to five countries in the Middle East, his parents educated Nino at a young age in the knowledge of horticulture and business. Nino’s family raised him to love the Lord and to have a heart for giving to others. Houston has been blessed to have him and his floral company Flowers by Nino in our city since 1998.

During the late 1960’s, Nino’s path led him to Los Angeles, where I. Magnin, the famous California-based high fashion and specialty goods luxury department store, hired him as their style director. Nino’s work was in such demand, that a waiting list quickly formed. Nicknamed “Mr. Goldenfingers,” the store sent him all over the U.S. to teach staff about hair design. Good news travels fast and celebrities soon flocked to get the “Nino” treatment, including Carol Burnett, Farrah Fawcett, Julie Andrews and many more. Advertising agencies requested his services for their campaigns as well, including one in particular, whose client wanted a model with ankle-length hair to be featured in their $30,000 chinchilla coat. Nino did not disappoint. He created a never-before-seen basket weave hair design that launched that campaign and is still talked about to this day as one of their most successful.

In the 1970’s, Nino relocated to Akron, Ohio searching for the American dream. It was there he married and had four sons (Christian, Sami, Aaron and Gideon), all of whom still have creative input with his business today.  During his twenty-two years in Ohio, Nino, along with his friend, opened his first salon in Akron and four more throughout Ohio were soon to follow, employing more than 150 stylists. Women would travel four hours just to get a hair treatment from him. During his tenure as a top stylist in the country, his accomplishments were lauded and glowing articles were written about him, both locally and nationally.

After Nino’s first week in America, the Teleflora Corporation wrote a 14-page article about his one-of-a-kind creations.  As mentioned earlier, Nino’s floral artistry set the Houston social scene on fire and his arrangements have been showcased in national and international publications. He has received multiple awards for his floral masterpieces and has created spectacular designs for U.S. Presidents, Lebanese dignitaries, the Secretary General of the United Nations, the king of Bahrain, country music stars, professional athletes, fashion designers and numerous television personalities and celebrities.

This man’s charitable contributions are legendary. His designs are as timeless as they are breathtaking. I asked him if he had a favorite arrangement during his career. His response was, “Each arrangement is like my child. How could you pick your favorite? They are all special to me.” I also asked, “How do you have such passion for designing flowers?” He answered simply “Because I feel God’s pleasure when I design.” Above all, he is grateful for God bringing his four sons, eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren into his fold. He gives God all of the glory for this and for all of his personal accomplishments and opportunities to help others throughout his life.

You can find this floral genius by calling Flowers by Nino at 281.873.6466 or emailing

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