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Our city’s amazing retail establishments have been suffering, along with our community’s restaurants, event vendors and many other business types. As I was perusing websites online recently, I noticed that Oprah had continued her annual “Oprah’s Favorite Things!” I thought this could be a perfect time to showcase some of my favorite fashion, jewelry, gift stores, health & wellness, specialty items and more. I asked each of them to share their (and in many cases my) favorite gifts. I have shared a photo of each item along with a short description, company name, price and website link. I also included shopping and delivery methods: in-store, curbside pick-up or delivery. Please enjoy my list and shop locally if at all possible this season. Our stores need you!

Neiman Marcus Butterfly Bowl 2 Cropped

Neiman Marcus

Michael Aram Butterfly Gingko Centerpiece Bowl
American artist Michael Aram studied art in New York in the late 1980s before traveling to India on an inspirational journey, where he discovered a rich metalworking tradition that inspired his turn toward handcrafted design. Bowl is made of natural and oxidized brass and dimensions are 18.5″Dia. x 4.5″H.

Price:  $525
Link to Item:  Michael Aram Butterfly Gingko Centerpiece Bowl
Shopping Methods: In-Store, Online and Personal
Pick-up & Delivery Methods:  Delivery, Curbside-Pickup or In-Store.
Contact Information:  713.621.7100

Iw Marks Photo 2b

IW Marks Jewelers

Elegant Pens, Lighters and Cigar Cutters
Pens, lighters and cigar cutters by S.T. Dupont. Great gifts for that special lady or gentleman!

Price:  $125-$950
Link to Item:  IW Marks website
Shopping Methods:  In-store
Pick-up & Delivery Methods:  In-store, curbside or home delivery. Open everyday until Christmas. Complimentary gift wrapping.
Contact Information:  713.668.5000

Festari Tuxedo Jacket

Festari for Men

Custom Tuxedo Jacket
For any wedding or special events, having a piece tailor-made for that one moment is truly worthwhile. Take the same expansive selection of fabrics, linings, and buttons that Festari for Men is known for and bring it to the world of formal wear. Every aspect of the garment is hand-stitched for the finest quality. They can take over 40 measurements to ensure the best fit and carry thousands of swatches showcasing the highest quality fabric from around the world. Custom selections from ultrafine wool, silk, cashmere and more are available. Holidays are the best time to have a custom tuxedo created. It will be ready just in time for the 2021 events that most certainly will be back to showcase your new look! In-store off-the-rack tuxedos start at $698.

Price:  $1,495
Link to Item:  Festari for Men Custom Tuxedos
Shopping Methods: In-store and Online
Pick-up & Delivery Methods:  Curbside Pick-up and In-store. Complimentary gift wrapping.
Contact Information:  713.626.1234

Burberry Trench Coat


The Burberry Trench Coat
Crafted in 1912, the Burberry Trench Coat is an iconic part of the Brand’s heritage. With two British Royal Warrants, one for the Weatherproofers and the other for Outfitters, the Burberry Trench is a versatile coat that will last a lifetime. The archive-inspired style is woven in our signature cotton gabardine with a streamlined silhouette. Layer over knitwear and tailoring, and pop the collar to reveal a flash of Vintage check. Please visit the boutique so that they may style you.

Price:  $1,990
Link to Item:  The Burberry Trench Coat
Shopping Methods:  In-Store and Online
Pick-up & Delivery Methods:  UPS from store to client or Collect in-Store for online orders
Contact Information: Burberry, Houston Galleria—713.629.6900

Sloan Hall Bracelet Cropped


xoxo ID Bracelet with Diamonds by lizabeth
From Austin based jewelry designer Lizabeth Sokolove, a double wrap oxidized silver dog tag bracelet with XOXO in white diamonds.

Price:  $1,955
Link to Item:  xoxo ID Bracelet with Diamonds by lizabeth
Shopping Methods:  In-store or curbside service
Pick-up & Delivery Methods:  In-Store, curbside or free shipping. Complimentary gift wrapping.
Contact Information:  713.942.0202

Faberge Ring2


“Colours of Love” 18k White Gold Rainbow Multi-coloured Gemstone Set Fluted Ring
Features round white diamonds, sapphires, tsavorites, rubies and coloured sapphires, set in 18 karat fluted white gold. Every stone on the eternity ring is different, meaning it can be worn in a variety of different positions, making it highly versatile depending on your style. Ideal for stacking, this eternity ring features every colour of the rainbow and more in between.

Price:  $2,700
Link to Item:  Faberge “Colours of Love” Multi-colored Ring
Shopping Methods:  In-Store or Online
Pick-up & Delivery Methods:  In-Store or worldwide shipping. Complimentary gift wrapping.
Contact Information:  832.940.0188

Mtyci Amethyst Champagne Glasses 2 Cropped

More Than You Can Imagine

The Elevo Crystal and Amethyst Champagne Flutes
This pair of Elevo Champagne Flutes are simply gorgeous. The name Elevo means “I soar” in Italian. ANNA New York designed this collection to empower—to make every host feel an expert, no matter how novice. This value manifests in the floating quality of the stones embedded in the crystal base. Dimensions are 2.25″ x 2.25″ x 6″.

Price:  $150
Link to Item:  Elevo Amethyst & Crystal Champagne Flutes
Shopping Methods:  In-Store or Online
Pick-up & Delivery Methods:  In-store or curbside. Complimentary shipping and gift wrapping.
Contact Information:  Mauri or Vicki; 713.668.8811

Saks Clive Christian X Oudh 2 Piece Eau De Parfum Candle Set Saksfifthavenue 1

Saks Fifth Avenue

Clive Christian X Amber 2-Piece Eau de Parfum & Candle Holiday Set
A limited edition set including an Amber Eau de parfum with a candle votive X Heart Note presented in a glittering gold gift box. Taking the classic X perfumes and reconstructing them around a dominant ingredient note these perfumes are twists on a classic, a unique variant of two of our most iconic and best selling perfumes. The candle composition explores the heart notes from the classic X perfumes; our candles are created in “fractions” exploring each stage of a perfume.

Price:  $395
Link to Item:  Saks Fifth Avenue Clive Christian X Amber 2-Piece Eau de Parfum & Candle Holiday Set
Shopping Methods:  In-store and Online
Pick-up & Delivery Methods:  In-store and free shipping
Contact Information:  713.627.0500

Elizabeth Purpich Handbag Cropped

Elizabeth Purpich

Vintage “Alva” Collection Clutch
“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” ~ Clairee Belcher, Steel Magnolias

Vintage fabric front and supple leather back from the designer’s hometown of Natchitoches, Louisiana. Carry it as a clutch or in a bigger bag. Use for everyday and travel. Limited quantities.

Price:  $245
Link to Item:  Vintage “Alva” Collection Clutch
Shopping Methods:  Online, Email to and by phone
Pick-up & Delivery Methods:  Shipping is free domestically. Complimentary gift wrapping.
Contact Information: 281.881.6068

David Peck Lesacbebe 20 Clipped Rev 1 2000x Copy

David Peck

“Le Sac” Tote Only
Inspired by David’s time in France, Le Sac can go with you anywhere or be gifted to anyone! It’s the perfect way to wrap a gift in style. Available in four different styles. FREE Customization! Choose from a single name (first or last) or a 3 letter monogram. Custom wording will appear on the back of the tote. Made of 12 ounce Cotton Canvas with Metallic Accent. Spot Clean and Air Dry.

Price:  $45
Link to Item:  David Peck’s “Le Sac” Tote Only
Shopping Methods:  In-Store on Online
Pick-up & Delivery Methods:  In-store or worldwide shipping. Complimentary gift wrapping.
Contact Information:. 281.888.6391

Define Cbd Group


Supermom Full Spectrum CBD Products
Say goodbye to exhaustion with SuperMom CBD.  If you were anything like Henry Richardson, the founder of DEFINE, you were reluctant at trying CBD for two reasons.  1) Does it really do anything? and 2) It has a “stigma” and a “look” that wasn’t very appealing.  However, after the encouragement from his sister, who is the founder of SuperMom CBD, he started taking her new line, and now he says he hasn’t slept so well in years.  His favorite item is called, Chill Pill.  It is a powerful hand pressed blended CBD that you feel working within a few minutes.  The best part … it is all-natural, pure, and has zero side-effects.  Check out a variety of their amazing products from Mom of the Year (fruit chews) to the incredibly effective Muscle Magic for all of your body’s ailments.

Price:  $22.99-$199.99
Link to Item:  Supermom Full Spectrum CBD Products
Link to DEFINE Website:  DEFINE Body & Mind
Shopping Methods: 
DEFINE: River Oaks or order Online
Pick-up & Delivery Methods:  DEFINE: River Oaks or order Online
Contact Information:. 713.523.5800

Five Farms 750ml Cropped

Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur

Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur – 750 ML in beautifully presented antique milk bottle container
The world’s first farm-to-table Irish Cream Liqueur. Five Farms is exclusively sourced and produced in County Cork, Ireland. County Cork is Ireland’s largest and southernmost county, home to family-owned farms that dot the coastline where the land meets the sea. It seems to sit on the edge of the world, a rugged backdrop for the farmers who have toiled this land for generations. A great gift and drink choice during one of these cold holiday nights!

Price:  $30
Link to Item:  Five Farms website
Shopping Methods:  In-store at your favorite liquor store
Pick-up & Delivery Methods:  Some curbside pick-up; In-store
Contact Information:  Your favorite liquor store

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