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Grateful. Gratitude. Gratifying! ROCO Revelry celebrates its 10th annual concert and gala at two locations!

Event Date:  September 24, 2022
Location:  Concert-The Church of St. John the Divine; Gala-Porsche River Oaks
Event:  Concert and Gala
No. of Attendees:  265
Money Raised:  $320,000
Beneficiary:  ROCO
Chairperson:  Stephanie Tsuru
Honorees:  Leslie Blanton, Matthew Loden and Frost Bank
Photography:  Daniel Ortiz

Grateful. Gratitude. Gratifying! ROCO Revelry celebrates its 10th annual concert and gala at two locations!

“Grateful.” ROCO’s themed performance at The Church of St. John the Divine followed by a seated dinner at Porsche River Oaks brought guests to their feet in gratitude for almost two decades of musical excellence and cemented ROCO’s gratitude for the community support they receive.

Chairperson Stephanie Tsuru, honorees Leslie Blanton, Matthew Loden, a Frost Bank representative, and 265 supporters witnessed this chamber orchestra’s 10th annual gala and performance where $320,000 was raised for this worthy non-profit’s continued efforts.

The evening began with a church concert by a 40-piece orchestra, where ROCO’s Artistic Partner Mei-Ann Chen conducted a premiere of work by composer Michael Abels, Beethoven #5 and Mariachi Imperial.

The evening continued at the dealership where attendees “started their engines.” Channel 13’s Miya Shay was the evening’s emcee and welcomed guests by waving a checkered flag to launch the seated dinner program, tastefully catered by Swift + Company. ROCO musicians were guests at each table, thereby giving table guests the opportunity to converse with them in a fun and elegant setting.

Alecia Lawyer, founder and artistic director of ROCO said, “We are honored for the incredible support of ROCO’s shaping the future of classical music and providing performances free-of-charge to audience members who may not otherwise have access to the arts. We could not thrive without this support from our community.” Grateful thoughts from a grateful organization!

Socially present (not previously mentioned):  Frank Tsuru, Leslie and Jack Blanton, Kristen and Matthew Loden, Michael Abels, Leigh and Reggie Smith, Martha and Richard Finger, Cece and Mack Fowler, Brian McCulloch and Jeremy Garcia, Ann and Jonathan Ayre, Kylee and Ben Siaw, Courtnay and Mark Elias, Leisa Holland-Nelson Bowman and Bob Bowman, Shawn Stephens and Jim Jordan, and Suzanne and Michael Stewart

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