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Pink Wasn’t Just a Color, It was an Attitude at the Annual “Tickled Pink Luncheon”

Event Date:  April 21, 2023
Location:  Post Oak at Uptown
Event:  Luncheon
Beneficiary:  American Cancer Society
No. of Attendees:  550
Money Raised:  $300,000
Honorary Chairs:  Leisa Holland Nelson Bowman and Millette Sherman
  Donna Lewis, Allison Lewis Cattan and Emily Lewis
Honorees:  Suzan Deison, Winell Herron, Denise Monteleone, Rosanne Oelfke, Dr. Kent Osborne and Donna Grace Vallone
Event Production:
  Francisco + Co
Photography:  Daniel Ortiz and Jacob Power

Pink Wasn’t Just a Color; It was an Attitude—at the Annual “Tickled Pink” Luncheon

Pink was 550 people’s signature color at the annual Tickled Pink Luncheon, held at Post Oak at Uptown and benefiting American Cancer Society. Breast cancer survivor Donna Lewis and her daughters Allison Lewis Cattan and Emily Lewis chaired the event. Another breast cancer survivor Leisa Holland-Nelson Bowman lent her talents and time to serve as Honorary Chair with Millette Sherman. All these significant names relished the fact that this event raised a record-breaking $300,000.

A lively sense of arrival occurred, with guests being greeted by models wearing the signature “Tickled Pink” collection, created by designer and guest speaker Christy Lynn and carried exclusively by Tootsies. Bottomless pink champagne glasses sold out quickly and flowed constantly during the luncheon.

Channel 11’s Len Cannon’s emcee duties began by welcoming everyone and introducing Leisa Holland-Nelson Bowman, who took the stage to announce honorees Suzan DeisonWinell HerronDenise MonteleoneRosanne OelfkeDr. Kent Osborne and Donna Grace Vallone. After the meal, Len Cannon interviewed designer Christy Lynn, who passionately and tearfully spoke about her personal story of her mother’s cancer journey.

To show how prevalent cancer is and how it affects every member of the social landscape, former ACS Board Chairman Dr. Rick Ngo and ACS Executive V.P. Jeff Fehlis asked everyone in the room that had either been a cancer survivor, a caregiver, or knew someone with cancer to stand. Over 500 people rose from their seats and the ballroom was awash in a sea of pink.

Some interesting statistics were mentioned at the event, including that every significant breast cancer research breakthrough, including mammography and early detection screening, and the lifesaving drug, Tamoxifen, has been funded by American Cancer Society. Their efforts have led to a 43% decline in the female breast cancer death rate. Of the $78 million that American Cancer Society is investing in breast cancer-specific research, over $3 million is specifically invested in 6 grants right here in Houston. As Lilly Pulitzer said so eloquently, “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink!”

Socially present (not previously mentioned):  Cora Sue Mach, Sidney Faust, Elsie Eckert, DeeDee Marsh, Hallie Vanderhider, Cyndy Garza Roberts, Jana Arnoldy, Lesha Elsenbrook, Franelle Rogers, Cathy Campbell Brock, Stephanie Tsuru, Elizabeth Stein, Jennifer Allison, Fady Armanious, Beth Wolff, Jacquie Baly, Jayne Johnston, Gayle and Richard Hightower, Phyllis Williams, Dr. Yvonne Cormier, Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein, Chris Kase, Marian Harper, Peggy Kostial, Doug Herron, Brigitte Kalai, Dr. Sippi Khurana, Mady Kades, Debbie Festari, Melissa Mithoff, Jordan Seff, Lara Bell, Norman Lewis, David Oelfke, Jeff Fehlis, Jenny Todd, Caroline Kenney, Natalie Wall, Sandra Porter, Merele Yarborough, Kirk Kveton, Daniel Irion, Cynthia Wolff, Cheryl Byington, Marla Hurley, Duyen Huynh, Heidi Rockecharlie, Gayla Gardner, Sharon Owens, Linda Lorelle, Roz Pactor, Vicki Rizzo and many more

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