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MD² – Founders of Concierge Medicine – Opens First Houston Office – Exclusive Practice Considered “The Private Plane of Healthcare”

MD² – Founders of Concierge Medicine – Opens First Houston Office Exclusive Practice Considered “The Private Plane of Healthcare”

Someone manages your estate, your investments, but who is managing your health? Imagine your own personal and highly pedigreed doctor available 24/7 on speed dial as well with access to a world-class network of specialists and national ties to the most renowned medical institutions. This can now be the reality for an über exclusive few because MD² (pronounced MD squared), considered the pioneer of concierge medicine, has opened its first office in Houston. Two distinguished local physicians, Karen Baerenstecher, MD and Harold Condara, Jr., MD, FACC have been selected to care for just 50 families each, allowing for unparalleled personalized care.

“Marcus” and “Marcia Welby” are back!

Exclusive to 50 Families
Founded in 1996, MD² is the brainchild of Dr. Howard Maron who designed an unprecedented model for primary care and is considered the founder of concierge medicine.  With a desire to “practice medicine in the ideal”, he limited his practice to 50 patient families so that he could care for each patient the way he would care for his own family members.  Today there are 21 practices in 18 major cities allowing for the most elite network of primary care physicians with the farthest-reaching specialists referral industry in the country.

No doubt this level of care fits a specific lifestyle.  Heading to your home in Aspen and start to feel unwell? Your physician will meet you at your plane day or night.  Family wedding in India?  You’ll receive a personalized travel kit with medications that could mean the difference between divine and disaster. Hiking the Himalayas?  Your doctor can arrange for emergency medical evacuations to the appropriate medical setting wherever wanderlust takes you next.

With direct access to their physicians 24/7, time is not only money, it’s priceless.  But luxury works both ways.  The unrivaled ratio of one physician taking care of just 50 families, allows each doctor the time to fully focus on each patient, be personally involved in all healthcare decisions and even accompany their clientele to consultations with specialists.

“In my former practice, my favorite patient was always the last one of the day,” said Dr. Condara.  “That’s because I could spend as much time as needed and not be concerned about a time limit.”

Dr. Baerenstecher was considering joining another concierge practice when MD² approached her.

“Even in other concierge practices, physicians see hundreds of patients,” she said.  “To have the opportunity to focus fully on only 50 patients is truly extraordinary and exactly the level of personalized care we wish to deliver.”

Privacy is Paramount
Waiting rooms don’t have a place in this elegantly appointed practice where only one patient is seen at a time. Located in River Oaks, the stunning office features custom-made artwork, exquisite millwork, tile and marble. Spa-like amenities include a private shower room for use after a treadmill test and breakfast on request.

The Bottom Line
Being one of 50 families with the services of a private physician 24/7 comes with a price. Individuals pay an annual retainer of $24,000 and couples $36,000. Adult children aged 27 to 36 are $12,000 annually, and children who have aged out of pediatrics through the age of 26 are $4,000 annually. Included in the monthly retainer are all primary care services.  Patients still need insurance to cover outside of practice costs.

“This is the private plane of healthcare,” says Peter Hoedemaker, CEO of MD2. “You can sit in the back of the plane, the front of the plane, or on your own plane. Undistracted focus. Better care. On your time for whatever you need.”

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