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A Luxe Woodlands Restaurant and it’s Celebrated Chef were the People’s Choice Award Winners at La Nuit du Caviar

A Luxe Woodlands Restaurant and it’s Celebrated Chef were the People’s Choice Award Winners at La Nuit du Caviar

For the past seven years, Diane Roederer and her luxury food import company DR Delicacy have hosted one incredible annual bash. The event, aptly named “Truffle Masters,” gathered top chefs from renowned local restaurants and provided them with premier black and white truffles, so that they may create bite-size offerings for guests to sample. The event was a huge success and tickets to this event are prized each year. Diane’s company is also a substantial provider of imported caviar. This year she made the decision to change from truffles to highly valued sturgeon eggs. The 8th annual event was called La Nuit du Caviar, which translates into “Caviar Night!” For those who love this delicacy, this is your event!

A curated group of 20 chefs from all over Houston and the surrounding areas participated by sharing their talents and creating stunning caviar dish “lite bites” to an excited crowd of 300. Fifteen pounds of caviar were divided between the chefs for them to create their treasured sample. Five pounds of truffles were distributed to the Truffle Chefs, including 10 ounces of Fresh White Truffles, whose current street value is about $250 per ounce. Houston Symphony League was the evening’s recipient of the event’s partial proceeds.

The People’s Choice Award winner of the night was Chef Jassi Bindra, formerly from Washington and now a Houston rockstar at Amrina, a hot Woodlands Indian eatery! Additional noteworthy culinary honorees included Mimi and Robert Del Grande, Berg Hospitality’s Benjamin Berg and Spec’s owners John and Lindy Rydman.

A few of the chefs competing in the event included Barbara McKnight of Culinaire, Maurizio Ferrarese of Alba Ristorante, Brian Sutton of Turner’s, Luis Roger of MAD/BCN, David Cordúa of The Lymbar, Luis Lopez of Killen’s Steakhouse, along with many others.

Some of the evening’s sponsors who generously donated were:  Spec’s Wines Spirits and Finer Foods, Houston Symphony, DR Delicacy, Berg Hospitality Group, Kaviari Paris, Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, Mostly Chocolate, Marshallberg Farm and more.

At evening’s end, Diane Roederer was aglow from the rousing applause for the chefs and the enthusiasm from the attendees. She said, “The night was even more magical and delicious than I could have ever imagined.” It was truly a “Caviar Night!”

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