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“I Want My GTV” Finally Got Its Turn in the Spotlight at Glassell School Benefit & Auction

Event Date:  May 12, 2022
Location:  Glassell School of Art
Event:  Gala
No. of Attendees:  200+
Money Raised:  $508,583
Beneficiary:  Glassell School of Art
Chairpersons:  Leigh and Reggie Smith
Décor, Florals and Cuisine:  Swift + company
Photography:  Jenny Antill Clifton

“I Want My GTV” Finally Got Its Turn in the Spotlight at Glassell School Benefit & Auction

Chairs Leigh and Reggie Smith revisited their Rock ‘n’ Roll roots as their turn to helm the Glassell School Benefit & Auction finally made it to center stage! The Glassell School, part of Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, opened its doors in 1979. MTV and its 24/7 music videos burst onto television screens in 1981, and the famous image of Buzz Aldrin on the moon with the American flag and the blaring rock ‘n roll music playing in the background, along with the flashing “I Want My MTV,” became pop culture and was emblazoned in peoples’ minds forever. Hence, the chairs’ and Glassell Director Joe Havel’s love for 70s, 80s and 90s music seemed to help this fundraiser theme itself! I WANT MY GTV was born!

More than 200 guests, many clad in 80’s style “rocker” garb and accoutrements, enjoyed the buffet dinner and décor from Swift + company, who incorporated bright 80’s colors, tie-dye linens, “clubby” furniture and a delicious menu of offerings. She was also able to recreate the MTV-inspired flag with the GTV logo, which was placed outside and inside the building to welcome guests.

The program began by announcing that sculptor and school Director Joe Havel is retiring after thirty years at his position. Joe received accolades from MFAH Director Gary Tinterow and Core Program Committee Chair Brad Bucher. The Core Program is a prestigious post-graduate residency program for art critics and visual artists. It is a nine-month residency and the admission standards are incredibly rigorous. Many Core Fellows (past and present) were in the room to give Joe Havel a standing ovation for his years of excellence. Leigh Smith remarked, “Reggie and I were thrilled to chair the Glassell School Gala after a delay from our plans in 2020. Serving as chairs in 2022 was special for us because we were able to honor Joe Havel for his 30-year tenure as Glassell’s Director and for his many successes in growing the programs and visibility of a great institution.”

The evening would not be complete without the auction, which is a big part of the night. Forty wonderful pieces of art were sought personally by Joe Havel from past and present Core Fellows. The Chairs, as high bidders, ended up with two spectacular pieces.

At evening’s end, partiers danced the night away to era-appropriate tunes from DJ Grrrl Parts and Glassell School’s operating budget was $508,583 richer! GTV’s Houston landing was an artistic rockin’ smash!

Socially present (not already mentioned):  Leslie Bucher, Mary Flanagan, Marli Andrade and Alfred C. Glassell, III, Sue and Rusty Burnett, Sara Dodd-Denton and Will Denton, Lisa Fred and George Dodd, Kelley and Steve Lubanko, Shawn Stephens and Jim Jordan, MFAH Director Gary Tinterow and Christopher Gardner, Lily and Harrison Cullen, Megan Olivia Ebel, Sam Gorman, John and Gwen McCauley, Bobbie Nau, Janie and Daniel Zilkha, Kerry Inman, Jereann Chaney, Heidi and David Gerger, Judy Nyquist, Cullen Geiselman and Robert Muse, Jay Jones and Terry Wayne Jones and Geraldina and Scott Wise

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