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Houston Children’s Charity President and CEO Honored with Room Dedication and Unveiling at Texas Children’s Hospital

Houston Children’s Charity President and CEO Honored
with Room Dedication and Unveiling at Texas Children’s Hospital

Laura S. Ward, President and CEO of Houston Children’s Charity, was at a loss for words as Texas Children’s Hospital surprised her by dedicating its Child Life Room in her honor at its new Texas Children’s Charity Hematology Center Outpatient Clinic.

The announcement was made many months ago to a packed crowd at the 25th anniversary of Houston Children’s Charity. A standing ovation followed, as Laura’s legacy of philanthropy and lifelong dedication to the lives of 3.5 million underprivileged, abused, and disabled Houston children were recognized. The organization’s motto is “Our Kids are Everyone’s Kids,” and anyone who has ever been witness to their good deeds, remain true believers.

This dynamic leader’s tribute was long overdue as she helmed this charity since its inception and changed so many lives in the process. “I am so humbled and so very honored for this recognition. I cannot begin to express what it means to me and what it will mean to my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren throughout the years,” said Laura Ward. “I owe heartfelt thanks to our Board of Directors, and to Mark Wallace, President and CEO of Texas Children’s Hospital.”

Texas Children’s Hospital was the perfect place to create this permanent and lifetime recognition for Laura. Since 2006, Houston Children’s Charity has donated funds to Texas Children’s Cancer Center to support families going through cancer treatment. Named the Houston Children’s Charity Family Emergency Fund at Texas Children’s Cancer Center, funds are disbursed through the hospital to families to pay for items such as lodging, mortgage, car payments, meals, and more.

“For 31 years, Laura Ward has done so much in our community, for so many underserved, underprivileged children. It’s amazing the impact she’s had,” said Mark Wallace. With the numerous plaudits given to Laura and Houston Children’s Charity over the years, it is absolutely appropriate that the Laura S. Ward, Houston Children’s Charity, Child Life Room at Texas Children’s Charity Hematology Center Outpatient Clinic was unveiled recently. Future generations of children will be nurtured and cared for thanks to the compassion and beneficence of this remarkable woman and the charity she helped found more than a quarter-century ago.

Joining Laura for the unveiling were husband Dave Ward and HCC Board Members Edna Meyer-Nelson, Maria Moncado-Alaoui, Grant Guthrie and John Johnson, along with Mark Wallace. Congratulations my friend for this well-deserved and timely accolade!

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