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The Heritage Society’s “Evening of Heritage” Got a Taste of Texas and the Alamo’s Chapel Doors

Event Date:  February 20, 2024
Location:  Taste of Texas
Event:  Gala
Beneficiaries:  The Heritage Society
Chairpersons:  C.C. and Duke Ensell
Emcee:  Minnette Boesel
Keynote Speaker:  Justice Ken Wise
Sponsors:  Minnette and Peter Boesel, Joanne E. Zumbrun, Miki and Ralph Norton, Shane T. Davis, C. C. and Duke Ensell, Kirksey Gregg Productions
Florals:  Kirksey Gregg Productions
Photography:  Jacob Power

The Heritage Society’s “Evening of Heritage” Got a
Taste of Texas and the Alamo’s Chapel Doors

The Heritage Society’s annual “Evening of Heritage” was once again a highlight of the social season. Taste of Texas, a Houston restaurant institution, and its founders, Nina and Edd Hendee, hosted the special evening to celebrate a superb steakhouse and relish its historical Texas artifacts. She spoke about the restaurant’s storied history and that over 500,000 children had taken the complimentary tour and lunch over its lifetime. The Hendee’s most recent acquisition, the Alamo’s Chapel Doors, had guests enthralled with its historical detail and provenance.

Heritage Society Board President Minnette Boesel served as emcee for the gala and welcomed guests. She introduced chairs C.C. and Duke Ensell, founders of Admiral Transfer & Rigging, whose support has been invaluable to the organization. Justice Ken Wise was the keynote speaker. His award-winning Texas history podcast, Wise About Texas, has a following of 1.6 million people in 157 countries worldwide. His discussion that night reflected on Texas Independence Day and how it was achieved.

The delicious cuisine was complemented by the sumptuous wines and beautiful table décor by Kirksey Gregg Productions.

Closing the evening was saved for Executive Director Alison Ayres Bell, who gave gratitude to all involved for a lovely event commemorating our Lone Star birthright.

In the Social Scene (not previously mentioned):  Peter Boesel, Joanne Zumbrun, Miki and Ralph Norton, Shane Davis, Kirksey Gregg and Shay Calhoun, Kristina Somerville, Robert Sakowitz, Cindi and Larry Burns, Nancy Burch, Susie Peake, Penny Remick, Honorable Frank Rynd, Kirksey Gregg and Shay Calhoun, Jillian Jopling and Peter McGillivray, Council Member Sallie Alcorn and George Alcorn, Dominic Celliti, Steve Breyfogle, Laura Woods, John and Magdalena English, Stephanie Smith, Ray Valdez, Michael Lemen, Melinda and Tom Brents

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