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Guests “Saddled Up” for the 11th Annual Habitat for Horses Event

Event Date:  November 1, 2022
Location:  Armando’s
Event:  Gala
Beneficiary:  Habitat for Horses
Money Raised:  $50,000
Chairpersons:  Ginger Barber and Cinda & Armando Palacios
Photography:  Daniel Ortiz

Guests “Saddled Up” for the 11th Annual Habitat for Horses Event

Habitat for Horses is a charitable organization that promotes and secures the safety, well-being and health of horses and establishes connections with humans who can benefit emotionally from involvement with horses. Interior designer Ginger Barber, Houston restaurateurs Cinda and Armando Palacios, HFH officers Jerry Finch and Rebecca Williams combined their talents to host the 11th annual fundraiser at Armando’s to support the efforts of this worthy non-profit.

The festive “farmyard” event greeted guests with bales of hay, sunflowers and horseshoes and had them “saddle up” to taste the savory food and beverages and bid on the highly-prized auction items.

Everyone was thrilled when the event galloped to an end, as over $50,000 was raised to assist with Habitat for Horses’ goal of rescuing and rehoming abused horses.

Socially present (not previously mentioned):  Anne Ashcroft, Becky Arnold, Audrey Wylie, Carol Wood, Rebecca Williams, Lee Fritsch, Mark Glasser & Marlene Rhoden, Lee Rippel, Bernadette Tolentino, Neil Clingman, Martina Babin, Chris & Tina Nash, Kelly O’Donnell, Tracy Shingle Decker, Laura Gilbert, Katrina Armin, Tina Raham Stewart, Sam Gershen, Jim Ferrendelli, Barbara Mackey, Jennifer & Brian Jacobsen, Sammi Schoelman, Denise Hamby and Lianne Lami

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