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The Gavel Was Passed at Houston Symphony League President’s Appreciation Celebration

Event Date:  May 18, 2023
Location:  Lakeside Country Club
Event:  Luncheon
Beneficiary:  Houston Symphony League
No. in attendance:  160
Money Raised:  $98,000
Chairpersons:  Leila Perrin and Jerre Williams
Honoree:  Cheryl Byington
Photography:  Daniel Ortiz

The Gavel Was Passed at Houston Symphony League President’s Appreciation Celebration

With over 160 supporters on hand, the gavel was passed at Lakeside Country Club as Houston Symphony League Board President Cheryl Byington ended her year and welcomed the incoming president Mary Fusillo at a luncheon and informal fashion show from Tootsies. Taking bows at the posh affair were chairpersons Leila Perrin and Jerre Williams and Karinne McCullough received the Ellen Kelley Volunteer of the Year award.

Sporting the largest crowd ever, the celebration included remarks by both Houston Symphony’s Executive Director and CEO, John Mangum, who spoke to the chic couture-clad attendees about the Symphony’s upcoming season, and outgoing President Cheryl Byington, who noted the highlights during her presidency, and afterward, presented the Houston Symphony Society with a check for $98,000.

An always fun and exciting feature of the afternoon fête is the modeling in the informal fashion show by HSL members. Moderating this relaxed and joyful fashion strut were Fady Armanious and Fran Fawcett Peterson.

The festivities culminated with a raffle of an elegant Moreau Paris handbag donated by Beth Wolff. The winner was long-time Symphony supporter Robert Chanon who was kind enough to donate the bag back to the organization for use in future event raffles or auctions.

Socially present (not previously mentioned):  Betty Tutor, Lesha Elsenbrook, Jacquie Baly, Cora Sue Mach, Susan Hansen, Tammie Johnson, Beth Wolff, Evelyn Leightman, Cynthia Wolff, Diane Gendel, Leslie Siller, Jacquie Baly Craig, Lesha Elsenbrook, Patti Murphy, Mary Ann McKeithan, Dr. Sippi Khurana, Cheryl Boblitt King, April Lykos, Lara Bell, Leisa Holland-Nelson Bowman, Heidi Rockecharlie, Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein, Susan Osterberg, Rini Ziegler, Mary Dee Neal, Susan Hansen, Mary Lynn Marks, Laura McWilliams, Kelly Anzilotti, Deborah Laws, Raquel Lewis, Marilu Garza, Sandra Porter and Shelley Taylor Ludwick

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