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Fundraising Once Again Goes “High” with Gift of Life’s 2022 Toyota Highlander Raffle!

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Gift of Life’s Toyota Highlander Raffle-Get it While Tickets Last! Drawing Will Be Held On Thursday, July 14


Our good friend Regina Rogers in Beaumont has asked us to let you know about the Gift of Life Program’s car raffle and exciting opportunity to win a 2022 Toyota Highlander SUV! Regina founded the organization nearly 30 years ago to provide free breast and prostate cancer screenings, including all diagnostic tests, for underserved individuals.

Raffle tickets are being sold for $100 per ticket for a chance to win one of 3 prizes: 1st – 2022 Toyota Highlander; 2nd – $1,000 cash prize; or 3rd – $500 cash prize.

The raffle benefits Gift of Life’s Men’s Health & Prostate Cancer Program, which has helped extend the lives of 77 men (without insurance and who could not afford medical care and were diagnosed with prostate cancer), and this year is providing more than 500 men with free primary care and prostate cancer screenings, HIV and Hepatitis C tests with on-site physician consultations.

The drawing is July 14th, and we hope you will ‎want to take advantage of this great opportunity perhaps to be the lucky winner of a beautiful vehicle and also support a very worthwhile and noble cause.

Regina even told us she will personally deliver the SUV to a Houston winner if one should ‎be fortunate and have the winning ticket pulled!

For more information, please call them at 409.833.3663 or visit their website at Gift of Life website.

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