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Chalk It Up to Via Colori Houston 2022!

Chalk It Up with Via Colori Houston!

In 1994, Rick Compton founded and presented the first Via Colori®, which was unveiled in Naples, Florida. This exciting street-painting, chalk-art festival has made some quite remarkable statistics in its more than 25 years of artistic existence. Since its inception, more than 50 Via Coloris have been held throughout the United States in 14 cities. More than 10,000 artists have created large-scale, chalk pastel works of art. More than 5,000 volunteers have worked the events. Attendance at the events has topped 500,000 people. More than $8 million dollars were raised for causes ranging from helping deaf children with hearing improvement to sheltering abuse victims, to preserving historic architecture and many other charitable endeavors.

Via Colori® Houston 2022 was unveiled over an April weekend at Post HTX downtown, and the recipient of funds went to its host, The Institute for Spirituality and Health, whose mission is to enhance well-being by exploring the relationship between spirituality and health. The Institute, a non-profit organization founded in 1955, is a founding member of the Texas Medical Center. Houstonians have enjoyed Via Colori® Houston for almost two decades. The Institute reimagined the chalk art festival with a focus on celebrating art, uniting the community, and shining a light on the role creativity and connection play in the health and well-being of the human spirit.

Via Colori® Houston featured 111 artists with over 5,000 attendees throughout the weekend. Artist Brenda Chapa was the Mission Featured Artist who created a beautiful piece inspired by The Institute’s mission. The Via Bambini dedicated “family zone” was especially popular for families with small children and teens. People of all ages enjoyed seeing and hearing opera performances in dual languages, and many participated in free yoga and tai chi sessions.

Underwritten by Texas Children’s Hospital, Via Colori® Houston was also sponsored by Houston Methodist Hospital, Spindletop Community Partners, new and established foundations, and generous individuals. Some additional supporters included The Rothko Chapel, The Yoga Institute, Houston Audubon, The Council on Recovery, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Harris County Public Library, Houston Grand Opera and several more.

The rains eventually washed away this creative weekend of sidewalk artistic excellence, but founder Rick Compton said it best-“It’s not about the finished work. It’s about the act of creation, the moment when art becomes…well, art!”

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