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An Afternoon to Love at Saks Fifth Avenue with Houston Sweethearts by Warner Roberts

An Afternoon to Love at Saks Fifth Avenue with Houston Sweethearts
by Warner Roberts

Saks Fifth Avenue was awash in red and pink as guests arrived for the 12th Annual Houston Sweethearts Tea on Monday to celebrate seven outstanding “Houston Sweethearts” who share much of their time, expertise and “heart” in community service. Hostesses Sylvia Forsythe, Deborah Duncan, Alicia Smith, Kim Moody, Anne Carl and this writer welcomed 100 guests who sipped on wine and champagne and noshed on beautiful delight bites with very little tea in sight.

The purpose of the event and its creation was simply to provide an informal setting whereby guests can tell each other how much they are appreciated and loved for the work they do to improve the lives of others.

Introduced by KHOU’s Deborah Duncan and celebrated for their dedication to giving back to the community were honorees Maria Moncada Alaoui, Nini Hale, Melissa Murphy, Saula Valente and Beth Wolff. Honorees Leticia Trauber and Laura Ward were unable to attend.

Sylvia Forsythe was pleased to introduce the new General Manager of Saks, Heidi Parkhurst, who relayed her happy fate of returning to Saks after working in the Houston store as the Assistant Store Manager. She was then promoted to Vice President, General Manager of the San Antonio store, and has returned to Houston as the Vice President, General Manager.

A loving donation to The Mission of Yahweh shelter, serving homeless women and children for 62 years, was welcomed and encouraged.

Leading the applauseBetty Tutor, Sidney Faust, Elsie Eckert, Betty Hrncir, Penny Loyd, Donatella Benckenstein, Angie Roberts, Laurette Veres, Cheryl Byington, Mady Kades, Scott Evans, Samantha Kennedy, Barbara Biel, Lilly Andress, Vicki West, Ursaline Hamilton, Chris Kase, Gayla Gardner, Kirk Kveton, Daniel Irion, Lisa Helfman, Sandra Porter, Jacquie Baly-Craig, Trish Morille, Lottie Gautschi, Cindy Bendy, Lara Bell, Kim Padgett, Liz Jameson, Leila Gilbert, Leila Perrin, Melanie Johnson, Tammie Anne Johnson, Sherri Zucker, Sybil Roos, Betsy Garlinger, Walter Aymen, Denise Williams, Kelly Anzilotti, Tracy FaulknerRoz Pactor, Heidi Rockecharlie, Yoon Smith, Malaika Mukoro and Michelle Smith

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Warner Roberts

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Warner Roberts' talent and creativity have led to her success in many careers: fashion model, award-winning television journalist, actress in theater and films, multi-millions fundraiser, interviewer, speaker, magazine writer, publisher, author, and most importantly wife, mother, and grandmother. Her decades of support and dedication to Houston charities is legendary as she produced the first March of Dimes Ball and later "Best Dressed, chaired the first Leukemia Gala, and raised the funds to build the first dormitory for The Mission of Yahweh homeless shelter which has helped countless women and children to rebuild their lives. Warner created The Social Book (nee Houston Calendar of Social Events) in 1996 and added The Social Book's Houston Treasures Award in 2003 to recognize the extraordinary Houstonians who make our city great. She lent her mantra to the title of her best-selling memoir, "Life is an Adventure!" (Photo: Debbie Porter)
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