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With our new “Calendar of Calendars,” any subscriber is invited to submit any kind of event to our calendar. The first step is to register with the site by creating an account by clicking the red “subscribe” button in the upper right-hand corner of the Home page. With your account credentials, you will be able to submit new events (not already on our site). Once your event is posted, any changes to your event information must be done by The Social Book. All you need do is email our publication and give us the event date, event name and whatever changes you need to be made. We will be happy to take care of that for you. The Social Book reserves the right to edit or omit submissions in accordance with its policies. New events are posted on the website as received, verified and approved.

Subscriptions to The Social Book include five options:
(1) Free Access. Allows only access to view the calendar showing the “Top 5” facts of each event: Event Name, Date, Time, Location, and Type. This type of access is limited and time-sensitive and does not include the ability to list an event. Cost: Free

(2) Monthly Access. Includes access to all areas of the site and far more detailed event information than just the “top five” facts, including such valuable information as who’s involved, ticket prices, attire, contact info, links, etc. Cost: $25.00/month recurring credit card charge

(3) Annual Access. Same as Monthly Access. Your subscription expires one year from the date your current subscription is processed. Cost: $250.00/year single credit card charge or check

(4) Annual Access with Printed Book. Same as Annual Access with the addition of the iconic status symbol of the truly well connected: a leather-bound, glossy-print commemorative 25th Edition of The Social Book containing everything on the website, a resource guide of the best companies, mailed updates to the event listings and a license for access to the website calendar giving you the complete detailed information on events. Cost: $500.00/year single credit card charge or check

(5) One-time Event Listing. You may list a single event on our calendar with comprehensive information, which we will publish. This includes all event details and a link for purchasing tickets to the event, a logo or photo for the event and the lowest individual ticket and table prices. This does not include a license to view the complete event listing. You would need to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription in order to view comprehensive information. Cost: $75.00/per listing

The following enhanced benefits are provided at no additional cost to non-profit organizations with annual access subscriptions.

When the honorary chairs, honorees and chairpersons of your events have been selected, please let us know using the “Social Book Forms” tab under “About Us” on the Home page. Chairpersons will be invited to have a complimentary portrait taken by one of The Social Book‘s photographers, or they (or their photographer) may email us an existing portrait instead. It is your responsibility to provide us with the photographer’s name so that we may properly credit them with the photo. Honorees are photographed exclusively by Gittings.

The Boardroom profiles charitable and non-profit subscribers with their logo, vision and mission statements, contact information, and listings of officers and board of directors. For the sake of accuracy, we prefer that you send board information by email in a Microsoft Word attachment, but we will accept it in any digital format. We ask that when sending us your Board, you remove all tabs, additional spaces, columns, etc. and list one name below the other in a single continuous column in the order in which you want the finished Board of Directors to appear.

Phone: 832.264.8848
Fax: 832.553.7701

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