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A Houston Couple is Honored for their 25 years of Support of Kickstart Kids

Event Date:  December 2, 2021
Location:  The home of Alice & Keith Mosing
Event:  Reception
No. of Attendees:  100
Beneficiary:  Kickstart Kids
Founders:  Chuck and Gena Norris
Honorees:  Alice & Keith Mosing
Photography:  Kickstart Kids and David Shutts

A Houston Couple is Honored for their 25 years of Support of Kickstart Kids

For 25 years, Alice & Keith Mosing have supported Kickstart Kids. This remarkable organization has gone through several iterations during its tenure. Founder and actor Chuck Norris and wife Gena founded this charity as Kick Drugs Out of America. It then led to Kick Start and is now Kickstart Kids.

Emcees for the event were martial arts world champion and Kickstart Kids Director of Operations, John Kurek, and the new Kickstart Kids Executive Director, Joan Neuhaus

The Mosings opened their home to host an intimate gathering honoring Kickstart Kids and under the stars, the Norris’ welcomed friends and supporters which included hors d’oeuvres and cocktails and a dynamic martial arts performance by Stafford Middle School’s Demo Team.  A standing ovation followed the performance and Chuck Norris reflected on the importance of martial arts to adolescents as they navigate the difficult adolescent years, including standing up to the challenges of negative influences, conflict and peer pressure.

Alice and Keith Mosing received awards in recognition of their stalwart support of youth in general, and Kickstart Kids students in particular, which assisted in growing the program from a few schools to 60 schools and resulting in over 110,000 alumni.  The Mosings echoed the Norris’ story and shared personal stories of the Kickstart Kids alumni they have come to know and the importance the program played in these alumni’s lives.

Socially present: Melinda and Norman Berkman, Jana and Scott Arnoldy, Julie Cumley and Greg Travis, the Stewart Morris family, Walter Bering, Scott and Yvonne Ziegler, Louis Girard, Brenda Love and Ed Jones, Laura True and Mike King, Shelly and Douglas Masterson, Sarah and Doug McMurrey, Thurmon Andress, Jessica King Price and David Price, Meg and Nelson Murray, Frank Harmon, Judy Ley Allen and John and Penny Butler.

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