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“Surprise! Surprise!” for the 2023 Women of Distinction

“Surprise! Surprise!” for the 2023 Women of Distinction

Six Houston women were stunned as Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, friends and past honorees, amassed at Elizabeth Anthony to surprise them and unveil that they had been selected as Women of Distinction, whose formal gathering to honor them will be held at the Winter Ball in early 2023.

Chosen for their leadership and impact on the Houston community, the honorees are always diverse, as is our amazing city.

Receiving WOD honors were Tammie Johnson, Lisa Sailor, Jordan Seff, Rani Puranik, Mayte Weitzman and Evelyn Leightman. Evelyn was chosen as the 2023 Ambassador.

Socially presentCheryl Byington, Gayla Gardner, Sharon Owens, Kelley Lubanko, Mary Ann McKeithan, Leila Perrin, Dena Rafte, Heidi Rockecharlie, Miriam Sera, Helen Shaffer, Kelli Weinzierl, Beth Wolff, Chris Rowley, Tim Goedecker and CCFA Foundation staff

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