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The Social Book Houston Treasures Awards Gala-“Repeating History-Connecting Our Past to the Present”

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  • Floral Artist Nino Shbeeb from Flowers by Nino (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Cody Soutar, Miami Johnson, Ryan McCauley, John Johannes (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Jeff Henry, Brooks Ballard, Sami Shbeeb (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Honorees David Wuthrich & Tara Wuthrich, Scott Evans, Joella Mach, Steve Mach (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Deborah Duncan, Honoree Page Parkes (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Honoree Honorable Annise Parker, Ernie Manouse (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Anne Carl, Honoree Malcolm Morris (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Joanna Marks, Charlie Hartland, Honoree Monica Hartland (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Warner Roberts, Honoree Joanne King Herring, Cliff Roberts, Honoree Monica Hartland (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Honoree Lauren Anderson, Honoree Lynn Wyatt, Scott Evans (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • C. Baldwin Hotel’s GM (Host) Maggie Rosa (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Gina Gaston Elie, Zina Garrison (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Phyllis Williams, Vicki Rizzo, Roz Pactor, Stacey Swift (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Wallis Marsh, DeeDee Marsh, Honoree Edna Meyer-Nelson (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Carol Sawyer, Laura Ward, Dave Ward, Dr. Tom Sawyer (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Luciano Camerucci, Jorge Guevara (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Merele Yarborough, Yolanda Adams (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Bob Bowman, Leisa Holland-Nelson (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Hallie Vanderhider, Honorable Bill King (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Margaret Alkek Williams, Linda Lorelle (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Warner Roberts, Scott Evans, Vicki Rizzo, Roz Pactor, Monica Hartland (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Thurmon Andress, Honorees John Butler & Penny Butler, Lilly Andress (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Elsie Eckert, Judi McGee, Sidney Faust, Linda Lyons Ewing (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Honoree Ashley Smith, Annette Strake, Hon. George Strake, Honoree Dr. Peggy Smith (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Jonathan Bordelon, Scott Evans, Randy Canche, Ross Freeman (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Ron Corcoran, Wendy Phillips, Cody Soutar (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Reverend Mary Gracely, Warner Roberts (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Brad Marks, Scott Evans, Tony Gracely (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Joanna Marks, Brad Marks (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Lily Foster, Honorees Jim Furr & Jo Furr, Hon. Charles Foster (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Randy Canche, Hong Bui, Jonathan Bordelon (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Bob Nowak, Dr. Carolyn Farb, Valerie Meek, Honoree Bill Meek (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
  • Jeanie Kilroy, Frann Lichtenstein, Linda McReynolds (Photo by: D. Jones Photography)
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Photography: D. Jones Photography
Event: Gala
Event Date: 12/08/2019
Location: C. Baldwin Curio Collection by Hilton
Number of Attendees: 300
Honorees: Yolanda Adams, Lauren Anderson, Penny & John Butler, Jo & Jim Furr, Monica Hartland, Bill Meek, Edna Meyer-Nelson, Malcolm Morris, The Honorable Annise Parker, Page Parkes, Dr. Peggy Smith & Mr. Ashley Smith and Tara & David Wuthrich
Historic Legendary Treasures: Rose Cullen, Honorable Joanne King Herring, Margaret Williams and Lynn Wyatt


The Glitterati Showed Up to Party!
By Scott Evans, Publisher

The Social Book, Houston’s premier charitable and social compendium awarded its 2020 “Houston Treasures” honorees at its annual seated four-course wine dinner for 300 guests, this year hosted by C. Baldwin Curio Collection by Hilton and Cuvaison and Brandlin Wines. This beautiful hotel (after a $70 million renovation) “strutted its stuff” for the city’s glitterati to showcase the newly chosen twelve individuals and couples that grace the tab pages of January through December in the upcoming edition. The Social Book’s Scott Evans (publisher), Jeff Henry (editor), and Sami Shbeeb, along with “Houston Treasures” creator Warner Roberts and C. Baldwin Hotel’s General Manager Maggie Rosa, welcomed guests to the induction of the seventeenth class of honorees.

The Social Book is in its quarter-century of publication and its “Houston Treasures” award— created by Warner Roberts in 2004—honors individuals and couples in the fields of philanthropy, volunteerism, medicine, arts, business, sports, politics and media. The 2020 honorees taking bows were: Yolanda Adams, Lauren Anderson, Penny & John Butler, Jo & Jim Furr, Monica Hartland, Bill Meek, Edna Meyer-Nelson, Malcolm Morris, The Honorable Annise Parker, Page Parkes, Dr. Peggy Smith & Mr. Ashley Smith and Tara & David WuthrichNeiman Marcus presented honorees with The Social Book’s signature Orrefors crystal “Houston Treasures” award.

300 guests were treated to a Cuvaison Sparkling Wine reception, followed by a four-course seated dinner created by the hotel’s Executive Chef Sasha Grumman and Pastry Chef Valerie Trasatti with renowned estate wines Brandlin Cabernet Sauvignon and Cuvaison Chardonnay, executed by the hotel’s Charles Skipsey and Caprile Capetillo.

Warner Roberts created a new section to the book, aptly named “Houston Treasures,” in 2004 and this year added new special honors: Legendary and Historic Houston Treasures. Tributes were given to Historic Legendary Houstonians Charlotte Baldwin Allen, the Mother of Houston and the hotel’s namesake, and, Ima HoggOveta Culp Hobby and Barbara Jordan. Legendary Houston Treasures awards honored The Honorable Joanne King HerringRose CullenMargaret Alkek Williams and Lynn Wyatt who all received standing ovations. The beautiful ballroom was laden with centerpieces containing masses of roses, anemones, peonies, calla lilies and assorted flowers, flown in from six countries especially for this event, courtesy of Flowers by Nino; and the stunning table decor was courtesy of EB, Inc. Jill Raines, owner of EB, Inc. searched through her massive inventory of linens and discovered bespoke and heritage linens in blue velvet, blue and cream damask and navy blue ruffles with napkins encased within Swarovski crystal antique napkin rings set atop gold/glass chargers.

Richard Brown Music featured holiday tunes and standards from the early 1920’s-1940’s.

PSAV projected the honoree videos produced by Chris Swanson and Firefox Video. During breaks, scrolling portraits of all prior sixteen years of “Houston Treasures” honorees, a “Who’s Who” of Houston philanthropy and culture were shown.

Cakes by Gina created a Victorian-style five-tier cake filled with layers of honey cake, lemon cake and filled with lavender buttercream filling and vanilla icing. It was beautifully combined with Rosalie’s Panna Cotta and Berry Compote with Polenta Crumble and Italian Wedding Cookies.

Elsie Smith Designs created the beautiful antique “Repeating History” invitation & evening program.

Former Houston Treasures honorees introducing the new class on video and onstage were: Merele Yarborough, Lynn Wyatt, Lilly & Thurmon Andress, Lily & The Honorable Charles Foster, Twin sisters Joanna Marks and Hannah McNair, Dr. Carolyn Farb, Laura & Dave Ward, Anne Carl, Ernie Manouse, Deborah Duncan, Beth Madison and Joella & Steve Mach.

“Houston Treasures” were each presented with a treasure trove of 31 gifts (valued at over $5,700) from The Social Book, Neiman Marcus, C. Baldwin Curio Collection by Hilton, Kelly Amen (KGA), New Orleans Auction Galleries, Flowers by Nino, Cakes by Gina, Riedel, Andrea Montgomery Designs, River Oaks Chrysler Plymouth, Brandlin & Cuvaison Estate Wines, More Than You Can Imagine, The Annie Café & Bar, Williams-Sonoma, Sloan Hall, Saks Fifth Avenue with Clarins, Benjy’s, Roma Restaurant, Warner Roberts, Denman Moody, Jillian & Co., 360 Vodka, Five Farms Irish Cream, Elsie Smith Designs.

Socially present: Mary & Tony Gracely, Jeanie Kilroy Wilson, Linda McReynolds, Hon. George & Annette Strake, Frann Lichtenstein, Honorable Bill King, Betty & John Hrncir, Richard Flowers, Brad Marks, Hon. Arthur & Joyce Schechter, Hon. Charles & Lily Foster, Betty & Jess Tutor, Diane & Harry Gendel, Frank Billingsley, Nino Shbeeb, Yvonne & Rufus Cormier, DeeDee & Wallis Marsh, Philamena & Arthur Baird, Mary Ann & David McKeithan, Linda Ewing, Carson Brown, Carol Sawyer, Pamela Lockard, Sidney Faust, Judi McGee, Helen & Jim Shaffer, Linda Lorelle, Gayla Gardner, Kim Moody, Alicia Smith, Franelle Rogers, Zina Garrison, Gina Gaston Elie, Evin Thayer, David Adickes, Paul-David Van Atta, Jan Carson, Susan & Dick Hansen, Kappy Muenzer, Sharon Owens and Andy Delery. Neiman Marcus GM Stephen Brunelle with PR Director Stacey Swift, Dr. Devinder & Gina Bhatia, Hallie Vanderhider, Walter Aymen, Kathie Hubbard (wife of Annise Parker), Kristina Somerville, Michael & Faleshia McClure, Roz & Alan Pactor, Leisa Holland-Nelson & Bob Bowman, Denman & Marijo Moody, Angie & Cliff Roberts, Chris Kase, Elsie & Les Eckert, Tim Connolly, Wendy Phillips & Ron Corcoran, Cody Soutar, Brooks Ballard, Brittany Zucker, Stuart Rosenberg with Jose Ocque, Vicki Rizzo, Chris Swanson, Charlie Hartland, Christine & Steve Johnson, Andrea & Paul Stewart, Maggi Jones, Marilu Garza, Randy Canche with Hong Bui, Faberge’s Yoon Smith & James Smith.

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