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Cakes by Gina

Dominican-born Gina Gutierrez has set the Houston pastry world on fire with her amazing cakes, cookies, chocolates, and other dessert creations at Cakes by Gina. For over a decade, this remarkable artist has been helping people create the cake of their dreams.

Smart, as well as savvy, Gina came to the U.S. for a higher education and received a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Houston. Soon after, she melded her architect’s passion for form, structure and function with her passion for cakes, and her little cake business took off. Houston is lucky to have this innovative genius in our community.

I had a delightful conversation recently with Gina and her husband Joel (the engineer and craftsman behind the cakes presenting ambitious structural challenges). Creative artistry is rare. When that exceptional talent comes along, you relish hearing how that creativity is released. Sometimes it is a fifteen-foot wedding cake. Another time it is a knight in shining armor, which she created for a Social Book “Camelot” event. Her most expensive cake was unveiled at Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Gem Vault, fittingly inspired by a geode, those hollow rocks filled with sparkling crystals. The wedding cake featured colorful, realistic sugar crystals and hand-blown sugar details (sparkling with ingenious lighting inside the cake!) . . . all for a hefty price of $20,000.

Houston is fortunate to have you Gina. You and Joel continue to inspire and empower all of us! Keep making people’s cake dreams come true!

By the way, in case you were curious … Gina’s favorite cake and frosting flavors are chocolate and hazelnut! Check out their beautiful cake designs at

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