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Kids’ Meals Kicked Off Their 14th Annual Harvest Luncheon at Steak 48

Kids’ Meals Kicked Off Their 14th Annual Harvest Luncheon at Steak 48

Kids Meals, a local non-profit whose mission is to deliver free, healthy meals to the doorsteps of Houston’s hungriest preschool-aged children, kicked off their 14th Annual Harvest Luncheon to 150 philanthropic supporters at Houston’s prominent eatery, Steak 48.

After the Harvest Luncheon’s three-year hiatus, Beth Harp, CEO of Kids’ Meals, welcomed the excited crowd, introduced chairpersons Kathleen Pennington and Julie Applegate, and revealed that the keynote speaker (on-stage for an intimate Q&A) for the November luncheon would be country music star, Jimmie Allen. Honorees to be recognized at the luncheon include Valero, Kroger, The Astros Foundation, Drs. Nicci and Chris Greeley, Vanessa Gobel, Donna Jett, and Helen Pung. Experiences at the fall gathering (along with the luncheon) will include a raffle, silent auction and Mimosas & Market-holiday shopping from a curated group of vendors.

Kids’ Meals is doing great things in our community for underprivileged children. Since 2016, the organization has distributed more than 9 million health meals to preschool-aged children and during the peak of the pandemic, more than 7,500 each day were helped. Through their ongoing efforts, these stiflingly hot upcoming summer months will hopefully see 10,000 children served each day. Please visit this link for information on supporting this non-profit or purchasing tickets or tables for the upcoming gala on Friday, November 11th.

Socially present (not previously mentioned):  Drs. Chris and Nicci Greeley, Daisy and John White, Beth Wolff, Kurt Grether, Cheryl Byington, Bill Stubbs, Darrell  Pennington, Jeff Applegate, Doreen Anderson, Sara Montelongo-Oyervidez, Luke Dickerson, Julie and David Miller, Jim Braniff, III, Shelaghmichael Brown, JR Irvin, Vivien Irvin, Rosalinda Martinez, Kristen Cannon, Rachel Regan, Leisa Holland-Nelson Bowman, Bob Bowman, Liz Colvin, Steve HarrisErica Lunn, Vanessa Goebel, Patrick and Kimberly Guinn, April and Jack Perry, Raquel Lewis, Leila Perrin, Cynthia Wolff, DeAnn Thigpen, Suzanne Schakett, Leslie Flynne, Donna Jett, Sonia Soto and Hugo Mojica.

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