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MasqueradeRick Ballard doesn’t just bake cakes, he creates “edible art.”  For Heaven’s Cake, Ballard’s custom cake design boutique in Jersey Village, brings to life some of the most extravagant and uniquely delicious confections in the city.  For Ballard and his wife Ana Maria, cake creation is more than just a business, it’s a passion.

“Our favorite part of the experience is creating the cake itself,” says Ballard.

“Coming in on Monday, going over the orders of the week and seeing what challenges we will face.  Being happy with the finished piece and getting to deliver such an awesome piece is an added bonus.”

There’s no lack of artistic whimsy and creativity when it comes to the cakes Ballard concocts.  With the use of popular non-edible additions such as rhinestones for an added bling, regal ribbon streamers, and even dummy Styrofoam tiers for a 3-Dimensional illusion, Ballard focuses on the customization of each creation to fit the client’s detailed requests.

“Brides are not just going with traditional wedding and grooms cakes,” Ballard says of recent industry trends.

“They are adding cake pops and push pops into the mix. Brides want more tiers, bigger tiers, with different flavors and fillings for variety.”

And how about those delicious different flavors and fillings Ballard describes? 

“We have specialty flavors that include ganaches and liquors, but our most popular are more traditional with Almond cake and a Bavarian Cream filling, Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese filling, Amaretto cake with Raspberry filling and Marble cake with Strawberry filling.”

While weddings drive a good amount of business for Ballard, the baker also has a repertoire in birthday, holiday, anniversary, gala, and “just because” custom treats.  Whether a demure and elegant creation celebrating a 50th anniversary, or a modern and chic display toasting the new bride & groom, one thing remains the same, all cakes are baked fresh the day of or the day before an event.

“Plain and simple, we will not bake the cakes a week or week and a half prior to the event and we will never freeze the cakes to allow for an easier decorating process.”

Ballard sees himself not only as a baker and a businessman, but also as a contributor to the community, helping others make their special day even more memorable.

“If a client is feeling overwhelmed or overburdened, I’m there to help, listen, and suggest.  I want this to be a fun experience for all involved,” he remarks.

“Before they know it, the cake is coming to life right before their eyes as we chat about their special event.”

For Heaven’s Cake masters the dream dessert experience.  From cake pops for birthdays to five tiered towers of tantalizing taste to honor the newlyweds, For Heaven’s Cake delivers on its promise to help make your big day unforgettable.