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Subscriptions to The Social Book include a leather binder, glossy print of nearly everything on the website and more, a resource guide of the best companies, mailed updates to the event listings and a license for access to website private pages for one user at one computer. The subscription price is $344.75 for individuals and businesses (state sales tax of $24.75 and shipping of $20.00 included). Additional website licenses may be purchased for $50.00 per user/computer. Non-profit organizations can avoid the sales tax by providing proof of tax-exempt status. Additional benefits to non-profit organizations include free Boardroom and event listings and photographs of chairpersons/honorees.

Your Username will be your email address. We will supply your password by email upon payment verification (usually within 24 hours). Please download the Book Order form, complete and return by fax to 713-965-2967 or by email to scott@socialbook.com.

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