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How it Works

To our non-profit and charity subscribers: When the honorary chairs, honorees and chairpersons of your events have been selected, please let us know using the "Submit Forms" tab on the Home page. Chairpersons will be invited to have a complimentary portrait taken by one of The Social Book's photographers, or they may send us an existing portrait instead, which we will return. Honorees are photographed exclusively by Gittings

The Boardroom profiles charitable and non-profit subscribers with their logo, vision and mission statements, contact information, and listings of officers and board of directors. For the sake of accuracy, we prefer that you send board information by email in a Microsoft Word attachment, but we will accept it in any digital format. 

Send us details of your fundraising events as soon as your dates are determined by using the "Submit Forms" tab on the Home page or sending us a copy of the Event Information Form in the back of your book. The Social Book will make all reasonable efforts to publish events for non-profit subscribers. Events for non-subscribers may be listed if space, time and resources permit. The Social Book reserves the right to edit or omit submissions in accordance with its policies. New events are posted on the website when received. To be included in updates to the printed books, new listings must be received by the 15th of the month preceding updates.

Subscriptions to The Social Book include a leather binder, glossy print of nearly everything on the website and more, a resource guide of the best companies, mailed updates to the event listings and a license for access to the website calendar for one user at one computer. The subscription is free to our Dallas friends through 2011. Shipping is $20.00. If you wish to have the book updated quarterly in print and mailed to you, the fee per year is $50.00. Additional benefits to non-profit organizations include free boardroom and event listings and photographs of chairpersons and honorees, as well as publication of event highlights in our new "Snapshots" module. 

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