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Set your Party Plans for the 1st

Date: 1/1/2010 1:09:00 PM
Written By: Lindsey Love


The mistletoe has wilted, and the Snuggie screams so 2009. Hello 2010, where a smorgasbord of social rendezvous could make quite the statement. Whether you're a scene director or just a partaker, here's a cheat sheet on where you need to be seen and heard in the first quarter of this year.

1. Jan. 21: The little red book

If you're looking to avoid social suicide or ostracism in 2010, you'll want a copy of Houston's Social Book — or at least a friend who has one. Scott Evans, the social diary maestro, will gather the party elite at Discovery Green where he plans to launch this year's pages and unveil a two-story party tent (yes, they do exist). Details: Invitation Only. (No bribes, please).