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Same Concept, New look: The Social Book Unveils Updated has undergone a complete visual make over, but the mission still remains the same. In working with our friends/web provider, Content Active, we have overhauled our system in order to better serve the Houston and Dallas philanthropic and charity communities. Aside from the sleek look of the site, there are a number of functional additions which allows for a more user-friendly experience whether on your computer, tablet, or cell phone.
Written by Scott Evans at 00:00

Keeping it in the Family!

Houston’s own restaurateur Benjy Levit was pleasantly surprised when Vice President Joe Biden and his entourage recently stopped by his Rice Village establishment on his way back from visiting son Beau Biden. Beau was being evaluated at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.
Written by Scott Evans at 00:00

A Second Look at Date Night

It was becoming fairly routine in the “date night” order of operations: moments before any Friday night date was about to begin, I would do a clean sweep of my apartment and quickly hide any evidence that might reveal who I actually am. Any old photos of me from the awkward years, any Louise Hay inspired affirmations taped to my mirror, and any erroneous object that might imply I had more depth than a kiddie pool was quickly stowed away in my desk drawer.

Social “In-Etiquette-cy”

Over the last nineteen years of publishing The Social Book, the one social faux pas that I have noticed more than most others is disrespecting the art of the RSVP. I'm not sure why, but increasingly it seems that only the most conscientious guests bother to respond to social invitations, whether due to lack of interest or manners, or perhaps simply because responding via internet or email has made the once imperative RSVP something so casual as to be deemed unnecessary.
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Three Questions for Miami Johnson: Houston's Hottest New Personal Trainer

Question #1: How and why did you become a personal trainer? Answer: All my life I was pretty athletic, playing multiple sports and basically eating whatever I wanted. Once I stopped playing sports I started to put on weight and had no idea how to stop it. Then I was introduced to resistance training and high intensity cardio. The combination of these two really helped me get back into shape in a relatively short time. In 2009 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science furthering my education in fitness. In 2011, I became a personal trainer and quickly went from 0 sessions a day to more than 150 per month training more than 100 clients.
Written by Scott Evans at 00:00