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Why Do an Event?

Written By: Ellie Francisco, Francisco + Co


There is nothing more powerful or effective in connecting with your constituents or customers than an event. If done properly, an event can be a living breathing extension of your brand. It is the one way you are able to convey to people outside your organization what you are all about - not by them reading or hearing what it is about, but by actually experiencing it. Events can be transformational, they can be educational and they can be memorable. They represent an opportunity for a constituent to make a commitment (to spend time with your brand or cause) and for you to have their full attention. Additionally, more than the event itself, there is opportunity on the front and back end to develop a meaningful dialog with the very individuals you are trying to bring closer. 

Creating an event is a significant undertaking, however given proper planning, message determination, appropriate market selection and production, the return on your investment can prove to be invaluable. A noteworthy happening integrates your brand recognition and communicates your message to your audience in a tangible way, allowing your participants to see, feel and hear your message. When managed effectively and in an integrated format, it invokes the ability to leverage the minimum amount of cost while maximizing the exposure of the intended ideas for the audience. In short, you have the very people you want to talk to in a controlled environment that is your brand -- they are there for you to communicate your message. 

An event is your best opportunity to build on the relationships you have begun with your constituents and to build your brand through the experience you create and share. 

Be seen, be heard, be successful.