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The Social Book 2014 Launch Party Book is OUT!

Launch Party Book Image LargeThe Social Book 2014 Launch Party Book

“Warehouse Carnivale – A Street Riot of Color”
Produced by PDV Special Events in partnership with The Social Book

honoring the nineteenth anniversary edition of The Social Book

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Silver Street, 2000 Edwards St., Houston 77007

hosted by Silver Street (owners Paul Hobby, Steve Gibson and Jon Deal)

sponsored by

Houston Area Lexus Dealers

ContentActive, Silver Eagle Distributors, A Memorable Event,

Let It Fly Events, Todd Events, Theme Designs StudiosBright Star Productions

and AV Technical Support


The Social Book is proud to unveil the 2014 annual launch party book that chronicles the amazing event that the combined forces of those companies within The Social Book created.


Though the bad weather tried its best to hijack the party, The Social Book‘s owners and editors Scott Evans, Jeff Henry and Sami Shbeeb welcomed more than 800 guests to showcase Silver Street, Houston’s newest facility for events of all kinds. For the sixth year, The Social Book partnered with renowned event producer Paul-David Van Atta and his company PDV Special Events, to create a “street festival” atmosphere that took guests to the streets of Rio de Janiero and Mardi Gras. To celebrate the best of this eclectic warehouse, PDV Special Events used interesting and timeless “urban” props to give the guests the unique sense of partying outside.