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Interview with Houston Treasure Rosemary Schatzman

Q: What do you love most about Houston?

A: The people! Houston is a great mix of multi-generational Texans and “newbies” like me (I moved here 28 years ago from Philadelphia and LOVE IT!). People here love to work hard and play hard!


Q: In terms of your career, what has been your greatest accomplishment?

A: Raising millions of dollars for multiple non-profit organizations and having fun doing it! I have been blessed to work with some pretty incredible volunteers who are now best friends!


Q: What has Houston enabled you to do that you wouldn’t have been able to do in another city?

A: Meet my husband and best friend, Matt (married almost 22 years!)


Q: What advice would you give someone who aspires to be successful in the way you have been?

A: The best advice I would give is to stay positive and focused, be tenacious AND gracious in your endeavors, and, ALWAYS remember to say “THANK YOU!” even if someone turns you down on a request!


Q: What’s your favorite restaurant? Neighborhood? Music? Way to stay in shape? Clothing line?

A: I have so many favorite restaurants depending on mood – love love love Tony’s and RDG/Bar Annie; for casual, Escalantes  is my “go to” place (the queso and chips are my guilty pleasures!) or Rajun Cajun. I also like to “cook” at Carrabba’s (Rosie Carrabba takes very good care of us!) To stay in shape: running daily with our five year old Labrador Retriever (he actually runs me!), Deuce, and attending boot camp at Memorial Park – also love to golf and ski! Clothing line? Lululemon and Nike for workout gear; True Religion jeans, T shirts and boots. For evening, favor clean, classic, elegant styles from Valentino, Chanel, Oscar de La Renta.


Q: What are some little known facts about you? 

A: I shot a hole in one at Shadow Hawk Golf Club in July 2006 on the 17th hole (with a 7 iron); I have run two marathons (best time 3:46); when I moved to Houston, I did not own a car for almost a year.