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Considering Valet Parking Service

Date: 5/3/2010
Written By: Harry Karr of Sovereign Services


So you are considering valet parking service for your event? Allow me to give you some advice in selecting the right valet company. Valet service will play an important role in making your event a success (or not); it will be the first impression your guests get and it may be the last. 

Here are some important points to consider in making your decision. Whether you are hosting a wedding, a cocktail party, a grand opening, or an annual gala, don't forget that your valet service will be entrusted with millions of dollars worth of property. With this in mind, the top factor in selecting your valet company should be insurance. Ask for proof of insurance, verify (if possible) and keep the proof on file. Also make sure that the insurance coverage is appropriate, meaning that if there will be $300,000 vehicles and the company doesn't have coverage for them, they have no business driving them. 

Many valet companies are eager to take on any jobs, but may not be well equipped to take on some jobs. Ask for a consultation. Anyone interested in your business should be happy to oblige at no cost. The consultation may serve two purposes: one is enabling you to see with whom you are dealing and the second is allowing the valet company to survey the venue, see what type of staffing is appropriate and discover ways of minimizing the wait time for your guests. At this consultation you may communicate to the valet company any special requests you may have such as signage, uniforms and staffing. 

When meeting with the valet company you should also ask about the training or experience required of their employees, if they drug screen their employees, and if they perform background checks. It is entirely reasonable to require a list of references. Remember that preparation makes for a successful event.